An Apple...

I made this apple with only procedural textures,
except the stalk(or whatever it’s called) which isn’t ready at all.

make the bitten part have a form more similar to a human jaw…

also - where the stalk meets the apple, if you look at an apple it goes alot more further down if you know what i mean.
Other than that it looks pretty good - although i dont remember seeing an apple that color.
I’ve fixed the thing where the stalk meets the apple.

Nice apple, but the bitten part needs to look more juicy and the outside needs to look shinier and glossier.

The bite mark is a little too sharp I think. It looks like someone took a knife to it instead of biting it. Go bite into an apple and see what it looks like.

Turn up the spec and hard

I think it looks like a worm has eatan away at the apple…

thats looking gr8 :slight_smile: and the worm idea wud be rlly gd and i def agree that the chunk taken out shud like human teeth marks :smiley: