An Arch in Blender

Hi guys.
I’m still trying to learn Blender but I’m finding it a REAL chore to comprehend. I’ve been using Google Sketchup to create some buildings but I want to use Blender as Sketchup is not the best 3d program really. However with Sketchup it’s very easy to create the buildings I want.

An example of a building I created in Sketchup:

If I show a close up of that building you will notice the windows are arched:

My Question: How can I do this easily in Blender? I know there is a ‘add curve’ option but I’m really struggling to understand how I can add an arch (curve) to a face.

Another example building created in Sketchup WITH arches:

Would it be possible for someone to help me along with this?



there are at least a dozen different type of arches!
so depends wich one
look in Wikipedia for arches!

now the simplest one are the Roman type or circular one just add a circle segment
and it’s done

in 2.49 you can find some script to help do cross vault and some parabo arches too!

hope it helps


Yes SketchUp is a pretty simple and easy “architectural” app ment for doing nice project demos. It is not ment to be a modeling app.
Your arch could be well done by instancing or strech a curve along a arched curve. As you also could use a mirror modifier if you need some central hone of vault.
There are severall methods to obtain arches depending what end aspect you need.
There must be some Blender tutorials all across the web.

Good luck

Remember that you don’t need to create the building as a single object. Have your building with simple cutouts for the windows. You can then build a window with an arch, duplicate it and place them over each window cutout manually or with the array modifier.
This shows an example of a building made up of separate parts using the array modifier

two words, and a link:
Spin Tool.

edit: and I just remembered something, namely that blender is so much better than sketchup that you could actually model every brick of the building in blender without too much trouble (using arrays, of course)

hey wow! you guys, it’s much easier than that! just make sure the (currently flat) part has many vertices otherwise subdivide it a few times. then turn on preportional editing (default hotkey is the letter ‘O’ - not the number). select the middle vertex, press ‘g’ and move it up a little. use the mouse wheel to adjust the area of effect. you can change the falloff to suit the style of arch. i think roof falloff is the best

Heres a screenshot of my lil setup. the pink painting and text are obviously added after and are just to highlight the important areas.

Sorry bout the huge picture (but its only about 200kb anyway)