an arch vis project done for one of our clients

it has been a long time since I have posted anything here, so lets resume this healthy habit :slight_smile:
this a photo montage project where we mixed a picture with a rendering of the building
C&C are welcomed :slight_smile:

This is just soooo real… O_o Can I see some wire frames and stuff to make sure it’s real? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the rendered building

then this is the picture that was sent by the client

then I finally merged both of them by the help of Photoshop

The real photo almost looks fake. :wink:

its hard to tell where CGPart is ;)… looks like photo

here another wire frame and the photo alignment

Nice work!
Did you separate it into different layers for the post pro, or you adjustmed as one piece at the end? (regarding the raw reneder not the photo)

No it was one piece and I separated the photo to different layers on Photoshop. I took the easier way out :slight_smile:

very good job!
I really like the way you matched the actual building. Did you use the BLAM addon or it was only manual work?

Hope your clients liked it!

The rocks are weird and the walls are so polished but great job, the one that You sent to your client is the best. The part of the walls was for the first picture but later I saw the next pictures and those are amazing.

Thanks elias 3, Nop I didn’t use the BLAM addon but thanks for the info I will give it a try soon :slight_smile:

We have been featured on… Yaaayyyyy