An Arch Viz project I'm working on.. I need some criticism

It took 5 hours to render(1100 samples)

and yes the noise is not apparent but I think something else is making this image look bad…

I think interior scenes are the most challenging ones to make materials look photorealistic.
For example when I use a HDR environment light in an outdoor scene my materials look realistic and perfect.

You could try the following:

  • Load an HDR environment map, if you don’t have that already.
  • Make a window to the left and/or right, so the room got some (more) light from it ( than it already has).
  • Use a portal, or if you have two windows, two portals.

Then render again, and see how realistic your materials look now.

If you don’t want to use any window. Then maybe more variance in light will help.

The kitchen part looks best to me. I see there nice reflections ( from that window there).
The wall looks worst to me. Maybe you can give it some bump and maybe a light texture.

@Rob thanks but I already have did all of these,

I guess I’ll just make the windows brighter

For some reason the chairs look like nobody except super-slim models can fit their *** in… it is personal feeling but something seems not right to me scalewise?

start by lowering the camera… to the height of the real human eye - aprox. 1.6 - 1.65 meters?
then maybe change the location of the camera… it’s not very well chosen thats propably why the scene looks strange.
also, do not use 2 types of lights (warm and cold) with the same intensity in 1 scene - unless you’re a master.

in my point of view, the biggest problem of the scene is that the dark parts of the image are too dark, especially the kitchen. I’d add more light into this part of kitchen. I also don’t like the wall on the left side, I’d try to adjust the camera so that this wall isn’t in the view.

Thanks every body!

Especially rob,
Seriously, that lightmap trick could be very useful

I think changing the color of the walls will help…the yellow/orange does not have much contrast with tones of the wood floor. And also brighten up the kitchen with natural lighting should do

you should give more texture to the orange wall :smiley: