An ashtray

This work was modelled in blender as part of a bigger project that has been rendered in 3DMax.
But these week I’m going to close and publish my 2012 reel and I’ve found this little model so I’ve asked me “why don’t you render it with internal?”

And here’s the result, rendered with Internal and postproduction in Photoshop/AfterFX.

I don’t see anything /:

It’s on Google+, right click it and choose open in new tab.

EDIT: My only critique would be that the smoke is coming from the ashes that burned out a long time ago.

Well, there is absolutly nothing like a link or a picture in your post. You may want to share at least a thumbnail…

cheers mcdikki

For real? I thought Google+ was just a myth… ;D

Might just be one of those internet rumors, but I heard that nobody has ever clicked like on Google+. :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to the image.

ehehehehe sorry guys, I’m not so good in putting images on forum :frowning:
thank you BentFx, I think you’re right about smoke. I’ve got to turn on ashes because I like smoke effect.

an ashtray by pietro.grandi, on Flickr

I like the idea but it is physically not correct. :no: In reality, the ash would simply fall apart and the topmost leftover of the paper would be touching the tray already; or it would simply fall out of the ash tray due to the higher weight of the filter. :eyebrowlift2: But, good start and work on it a bit more, if you want to go realism of course.