An assignment for school, just finished.

Hello, this is my first post.

I have a web page for a project I have just finished for my Advanced Diploma of multimedia.
The aim was to re-create a historic building around Geelong (in Australia) and animate a 30 sec movie /w sound.

My aim was to use all opensource software even though I have access to lightwave 7.5 and Media Studio as school.

Have a look at the web site, this is the first thing I have made in blender.

It would be good to get some feedback.

This is an excellent first project. Well done. I really liked the journal approach to your website where you showed what problens you had and how you approaced the solutions.There is a ton of useful data there for beginners and veterns alike on texturing, lighting, composting, how to approach a big project and your use of free software to get the look you want. Thanks for sharing. I’m impressed.

Very nicely detailed job. It’s also neat tutorial on howto keep bigger project in order and finish it.

Pics vere just litle too big for my modem speed.

very cool work. i love this pic:

jpegs would have been better tho :wink:

cya henrik

I can’t play the avi!

The avi was made in linux and will play in mplayer for windows and linux, today I went to school and re-compressed the final movie for win32.

The avi was just a test 180 pan, not missing much. If I had the time I would make a comperssed mpeg4 download of the whole 44 second animation.

absolutely great work!

the only crits I have is the grass, looked too much as a checkerboard pattern :slight_smile:

good work otherwise!

(I don’t like the grass sollution, but I know, it’s a BIG problem to deal with it in Blender :wink: )

This is superb work. The final images are great and the documentation is truly impressive. An excellent debut!

Excellent work.

All of the work was well worth it. Great texturing and lighting. I will DL the movie when I get home later today.


That looks really good, it’s almost like a tutorial

The product is great, and I love the journal approach. It makes it easy for others to learn from your problems and how you overcame them.

First off: you sure deserve your diploma, congratulations on that. Second, I see that’s your first Blender project. VERY NICE. That’s no debut: that’s an achievement! Awsome work, very interesting documentation. Clever through and through.



I rushed the waterfall and the grass as you can see. I would love to go back and fix them up, but I needed to get other work done.

I will put the 44 second avi as a divx later this week.

Here is the link to download the movie.

Some frames dropped in the conversion with mencoder, but its not that bad.
My wife composed the music, just a lil piano piece.

The link is also on the site