An attempt at a company logo, please crit. UPDATE

This is my attempt at a sorta M.C Escher company logo.

The compay name is “The Crooked Path Studios”

It is supposed to be symbolic of the things we go through in life to end up where we are at today, wherever that may be LOL.

The company is a video game development firm.

Anyway Crits please, anything you think should be added, removed, or what-not.


How is this logo going to be used? that would help us out with helping you.

The two things that bother me right now are:
First, the texture on the path, ether scale it down or make it more subtle, right now I feel it cheapens the rest of the image.
Second, the obvious copy past of the three sides, give them some more variation in the number of men (I would tend to say fewer) and position.
Also the little arrows seem out of place, but that may just be my personal distaste for signs in general.

First of all, cool idea. Definately something that could be developed into a great piece.

I don’t think it works all that well as a logo, though. Logos need to be as simple as possible. Can you think of any logos you’ve seen that have any fine details at all?

I like the idea, but the way it is won’t work for me unless it was animated and at the beginning of a movie or videogame (like Jerry [I]Bruckheimer[/I] think, the tree and lighting thing). When I think of logos I think of basic colors that can be reproduced well on all mediums (shirts, hats, magnets, pens, etc.). I think the colors are too dynamic, and unpredictable. The Apricot logo has a far amount of color, but it’s predictable and smooth.

I am thinking of it from a bussiness point of veiw, not artistically. But as the movie thing it succedes, because they could be walking and you could use different angles, then zoom out the whole logo, and do a potentially cheezy freeze frame.

edit to comment on replies posted before me, before I was finished typing :
The Arrow Signs, if the you don’t know where life is going there would be no sign, but I guess where the sign points is where you die, but you gotta find out how to get there. blows mind.

Well the logo will be two fold, used on letterhead and the like, as well as site logos.
Well its the same one in my little image for my Avatar
Thanks! When it is shrank down all you see are the three rings like my avatar, and if you look close enough you can make something extra out…
What would you suggest to simplify it?
I hope to also use it in one of those animations you see in the beginning of a video game. I have it animated where it rotates.
No I cant think of any that have fine details… LOL ill have to look around more.
I totally agree, maybe some changeup in the placement of the little dudes. That would actually HELP the M.C. Escher attempt, if you look at the infinite stairs, the little guys arent on all the same spots on the staircases… THANKS!
Your not the first person to say the signs suck… im beginning to agree… I guess I was desperate to show the path symbolism…
The path I was going for a dirt, or stone road. What would you suggest as an image/texture?

@Scrag - sorry after I posted you appeared. THANKS! You have a damn good point with the picture thing for a tshirt or something…
I had the same vision for the movie! Lol thats awesome!
Thanks Guys!
Ill change it up a little and repost later!
I appreciate your advices!

As a logo? This may sound harsh, but lose the background and the texturing. Logos are simple. (and most effective when VERY simple)

The nice thing about there being so many people is if it was a fighting game (other genres could work too), you could change it so at the start they start jumping from path to path killing each other.

I was impressed at the image- although it would serve as a cover of the game better.

@ TaoTeCheese - So just the Windy path things? What about the little dudes? Also, please, I can accept constructive criticism very well, do not worry about being harsh unless it isn’t helpful, Ya Know?

I guess when I imagined a… T shirt for example… You would have that image in the front AND the back, look like a walkway right through you or something. Im going to make a bunch of T-shirts and hats and the like and sell them to raise money for the game im going to try and develop, the game is 60% ready, the rest is all stuff you have to pay for to get done for a decent demo.

Im going to try and pull of a possible tribal design maybe and lose the background and
the little details for the actual logo. Or maybe something with some swirls in it? Maybe A pattern?

One thing I thought of was, instead of the same dudes all over, maybe a couple of different people? like a woman in one spot, an old man in the other, ect.

Ill keep plugging away, give me all you got guys/girls, this needs to be excellent.

@Scrag - lol

@kbot - thanks it took forever to conceptualize.

Thanks - Terry

This could be simplified down… to just the shape of the three paths… that’d be your LOGO logo… this’d be the high-end, animated intro version of the logo that plays at the begining of games.

Can you think of any logos you’ve seen that have any fine details at all?[/QUOTE]

Yeah I can, just watch the intro bits into Neverwinter Nights 2.
As to the logo, everyone else has stated the major stuff. I’d personally go for a clear cut, black and white colour scheme so that the indivual elements stand out more.

Ok guys… been workin… here is what I have so far.

This is a midway update to my crooked path logo… Still testing the waters, here, the the people were removed, and the background was changed to a white, as well as the paths are now made of seawater material…

I wanted to break it down and use a few of your suggestions.

I like the idea of a clear cut B&W. But I wanted to keep a burst of color in there for the sun.

This has detail in the paths still, which I can understand, but shrank down… it actually looks kinda neat!

This one Ended up with Tons of color, but looks toooooooo cool not to show you… Accidents are awesome!

There is the small version…

That last one is great.

The original one was nice, but yeah, too detailed as well. I didnt like the white one too much, I would say remove the little dudes in the first one, and use that one.

P.S. The last one looks cool, but too…funky?


I just joined in and saw your discussion on logo… I feel the original was good, just texture needs some adjustments and remove those tiny men**
May be that will simplify it even suitable for print and web both :eyebrowlift:

Your original concept is quite a nice idea but more for an advertisement rather than a logo. As has already been pointed there are very few illustrational logos, it can be difficult to get them to work on the differing scales that they are used, and to have that immediate hook and identifiability with the ‘brand’
The follow up designs that you have come up with really don’t work at all, with the texturing and colouring there is still far too much going on.
If I were you I would maybe go back to the first image and rework it purely in black n white perhaps in an inked style, I think that would look quite nice and from looking at your avatar I don’t believe you would have the problem with the smaller sizes.
Another point I would make is be sure to take into consideration the role of the text and font style that will compliment or be incorperated into your logo. Have a look on this page you might get some ideas:
There are a few good sites and books on the subject as well, good luck anyway hope the crooked path works out:).