an axe

Model:Blender 2.45

C&C to improve the scene

Nice axe! Is it for a game?

The end grain looks odd.

No,i am just trying to improve my skills on blender by doing this kinda things.

do you mean the visible end of the axe handle? If it is so,i am aware of it.There are some things to fix,improve and add in the scene.

Here is a new one ;

I guess this one is better:

This time rendered by blender internal engine( 24 min.)

Put some indentations on the axe handle, like you have on the sword handle. The texture implies it should be there. :^j

Well, there’s blood on the blade, so it shouldn’t be in a “display” setting, the owner would have cleaned it before putting it up. It could be lying in a field, after the owner fell in battle. It could be a ceremonial axe the priests have just used to sacrifice a goat or a virgin, in which case make an alter of some sort.

The blade edge looks blunt and flat. Needs a sharper edge.

The blood on the axe looks more like someone painted there. Unless this is what you indented I suggest to make it look more splatted and random looking like this image for example:
Also the blood looks too thick to me.

I like the scratches on the axe blade but I’d suggest to put them on edges and corners and make the texture on the inside of the metallic surface look more unified. This way it will look more worn and used in battle.

Both the axe 's and sword 's handles, need more work.

I like the blade of the sword a lot! Good work there!

Hello ! May be a little reflection could help, no ?

Thanx guys for your C&C. I admit that it takes lots of more efforts to finish it.

You are definitly right.I may do that but it will take some time.

I guess you’re listening to Venom or Bathory too much

I am not planning to make some changes on the blade at tis time

I agree with you that they should look used. As for the blood,if i make it thinner i think it will be less discernable.Maybe a little bit thinner would be ok.

It’s a good start. I don’t think the sharp edge of the ax blades look sharp enough. I would bevel the edge down to a sharp tip and then give the beveled material more reflective properties than the rest of the blade.

Its ok, but if you really want to make it look real you have a lot of detailing to work on.

Sadly this is the boring part as it usually involves a lot of texturing - bump maps, reflection maps etc.

Also, think about some of the real details about how this type of object might be made. What prevents the metal head from flying off the end of the handle? Is the metal all one piece or pieces welded together. Was it shaped by a blacksmiths hammer or liquid metal poured into a mold? Should the base of the handle be thicker to prevent the axe from slipping out of the hands? Does the owner scratch a notch in the handle for each kill :slight_smile:

You are quite right about the things u say.I was already aware of those things but it is really tedious to do them particularly the gimp part.And as for “scratch for each kill” ,well this forum is really getting dangerous to hang around. :slight_smile:

Moremun, from the tenor of your responses to most of the critique you’ve gotten, I get the impression that you really didn’t want any critique after all. This is the focused critique forum, you can expect nit picking in here. If you don’t want it, don’t post here. If you’re done with the axe, post in finished projects.

To Orinoco;
Actually,I tried to move this thread to the wip section a few post later after I had started this thread but i couldn’t manage that.I even started a new one in wip section with the same title but in that section after no responses and the new replies to this section ,i decided to go on with this one.In a nutshell,this was the main source of the problem,not the way you think of may attitude towars the critiques.My mistake could have been not to ask how a thread could be moved in the support forum.