An Early Holiday

hey all, did a little project today (total time: 2 hours). Yafray + Blender + Photoshop Elements.

C&C are welcome…

Looks pretty good overal. Love the cup on the side, and the tinsel is cool. The brick texture is much to flat though.

Was the tinsel done using particles? Because you’ve done a really good job of it! The casing of the candle has a pretty good glass texture with just the right amount of distortion, but I agree about the brick.

What is that glassy type thing in the bottom right hand corner coming out of the tinsel?

Popsy: yeah, the tinsel was done with particle effect, and made it a lill reflective.

3dak: thats not glassy, it’s a handle from the candle

I enjoyed this one! very pleasant. maybe bumpmap the bricks (specifically the plaster between the bricks to look like a “groove”) and the tips of the candles, maybe melt them a little. Anyways, looks great.

Very nice…it makes since now. Good job arcticsnpr.