An early-stage chess game

The file: (filetype: .blend, made for 2.41)

The instructions: It’s a chess game. So far, pawns are the only units on the board. The yellow circle is the cursor, move it with the arrow keys. To move a piece, touch it with the cursor and press M. Now the piece is controlled by the arrow keys. To stop moving, press Spacebar. If you made an illeagal move, then it will be undone. Otherwise, the pawn will stay there. If you want to, you can undo the move by moving another piece. Press Enter to confirm that your turn is done. To capture, press C with the cursor on the piece doing the capturing and then do the same with the opponent’s piece. To cancel a capture, press Spacebar. You don’t need to press Enter after a capture. You can also use 1, 2, and 3 to change the camera and H to return the cursor to the center. The game understands the two-space rule but not en passant. Lightning conditions change regularily. Scenery will be dynamic once more pieces are added.

The point: Well, I’d like opinions on how I could make the game better. The plan is to have “captured” pieces get replaced by ragdolls, but I can’t do that with a stable build yet. I’m well aware of animation glitches during captures, if you have any ideas, then let them be known.

all the pawns fall through the ground…


…what? I don’t get anything like that. Make sure to use Sumo physics and 2.41, maybe that’s the problem? I can’t understand why that would happen.

There is no ground when you press P. If you turn all layers on, it works fine:)

I like the feel of the game, you can actually move the pieces around the board.

You could have a fighting animations between 2 pieces, and the piece that gets captured loses each (from an old game called battle chess), but that would equal a ton of animations. I look forward to seeing this project’s progress, but don’t rush :wink:

Crap, I uploaded it with the wrong layer on! I’ll go fix it now.

EDIT: There, now you can just press P and it all works properly.

Looks much better than it looked before with all the layers on, I like how you have the tress and grass, a very nice touch:D

I think you should make the curser move at least twice as fast as it does now though, and don’t forget that pongs can move 2 spaces forward on their first move :wink: (This can easily be done with properties).

I may make the cursor faster, I’m trying to find a speed that is fast, but slow enough to be accurate. And the two-space pawn move is in there, maybe you’re just not placing them close enough to the centers of the squares?

Looking good so far Toomai :slight_smile:

My suggestion would be to use Mouse Over sensors on each grid block instead of moving the cursor with the keys. Should make the gameplay a lot more fluid being able to control it with the mouse.

Every chess game I’ve played simply captures if you move your piece to an occupied enemy square. Is that possible with collision sensors / other mechanism? I don’t know anything about the game engine.


It’s probably possible, but not the way I do it.

  1. Trying to fit more than one piece (that’s not a pawn) into a square will only push the piece already in the square, which will react to being pushed and prevent the other piece from entering.

  2. The array that stores the location of the pieces on the board will get confused, as the moment the capturer is put down in a legal square, its new location is recorded, erasing the captured from existance without animation or even object removal.

  3. Animations would have to include the piece moving back to their square of origin.

I know this is a lot of animation but I always liked the idea of animated captures ie if a pawn takes a knight he slips under and cuts saddlestrap
if pawn takes rook the pawn will set some gunpowder and blows up rook
if bishop takes knight he talks him out of it etc. You would need a animation for every combination of captures So it would be a lot of work.

Sort of a cross between Age of Empires 2, a regular computer chess game and the holographic game R2D2 and chewbacca were playing on the millenium falcon in the original star wars.

Dr S

Here are my suggestions:

  • You might want to let the cursor jump from space to space when you press a key. That will make the accuracy equal to 100%
  • I’d love to help you out with animating. I calculated it out, there will only be eleven animations. So i’d suggest to make two or so animations per piece so its fun. After a while it gets realy boring, having to see the same animation over and over again.

Those are some good suggestions. However…

  1. I need to have cursor movement relative to the current camera. Otherwise, if you try to move the cursor from Black’s camera, the controls will be reversed.
  2. I would prefer to do the animations by myself. Also, I was planning on adding more animations.

you could state a scipt checking on the current camera and then selecting the controls.

to bad you wan’t t do them yourself. it wil be lots of work…

edit: how do I move a pwn when the cursor is on it?


I’ve got a new version of the file up. Things move faster and there are more animations.

Much improved, I like the fighting animation idea, that would be kinda funny. Maybe you could have multiple themed chess boards that one could choose at the beginning of the game.

I’ll stay tuned, this has a lot of potential = )