An eating question.

Is it normal for there to be a delay for taste. When i touch a food (or anything) with my tounge there is about a second delay before i taste it. :confused:

I’ve had that with hot things touching my skin, but not with the tongue…

Delay for hot things touching the skin… hmmm never had that one.

Is your moth very dry? You need saliva to taste things. There is an old trick where you have someone hold their tongue out with a dry cloth for a minute and then place a cracker on their tongue. Since there is no saliva left on the tongue they cannot taste the cracker.

Dry moth could be a side effect of any medicines you take, but the best thing to do is contact your doctor. Anything that seems unusual to you, should be checked out by a doctor.

ditto on matt.

Unless your mouth is full of saliva it should take a second or two to taste things.

I don’t own a moth, they dont make very good pets.
I do drink an unnaturally small amount of liquid when i’m not on the beer so it could be that, but usually i dont suffer from dry mouth, unless i’m just used to it.

yep, if you’re dehydrated your body won’t produce enough saliva to stop your mouth from getting dry.

drink more fluid (preferably something that doesn’t contain a diuretic)…

I say this, but today my fluid intake has been:

half a cup of water
2 cups of mega-strong coffee
5 cups of tea
a glass of red wine
a glass of cava.

and my eyeballs are starting to dry out.

[edit] btw is that Crackington near Trevigue? [/edit]

Trevigue is walking distance form where i live. :slight_smile:


Where did that come in?

EDIT: But I can’t deny that it’s beautiful place…

well I got married there just over a year ago…you’re a lucky bloke, it’s a really incredible place. My brother lives in Welcombe (just near Hartland if you don’t know), so I tend to go past there a few times a year :slight_smile:

this is so off-topic!!

I just turned on my electric heating just in case any is interessted. hey whats with the input? my cursor is blinking where i wanted to set the cursor but i am only able to kill last letter one by one but no in betwin the text. FF, Winxp and in Quick reply typing.


well i suppose that answers the question.

what about that free Blender program eh, i understand it’s quite useful…

Who’s Blender? Is he your neighbour?

He’s Blender in disguise!
Look at his name, he’s trying to hide it with an extra ER

OMG! You’ll have to come and get me!

P.S. This is an emergency. Thus the ER.

I know!
Gotta find you

(Runs wantonly through the house, searching for that worldwide phone book so he can find “Blender Disguises” among the other 7 billion names, then use that to track the culprit.)

My moth is a terrible pet! Not housebroken, and I cannot teach him tricks. Very easy to catch tho if he slips his leash…I just wait until dark and then turn on a light.

Ahh get an ant instead, they’re much easier to train
But try sugar instead of light when he runs stray.

Speaking of pet bugs, my sister keeps a pet spider (no joke) and feeds it crickets. Not one of them tarantulas, it’s a regular wolf spider you find around the house. It’s not a bad pet, really fun to watch it eat :D.

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