An effect I'm trying to create, need some help

Basically this is an effects that employs 2 types of physics. A building toppling and crumbling after a meteor slams into it.

I can make the building thats no problem. But how do I create the effects of the building getting fractured by the meteor with particle effects and smoke, then the structure caving in on itself?

I also need to know how to simulate the meteor hitting it.

So I guess what I’m asking is are there any tutorials that explain how to do each of these things, and is there any advice ya’ll can give me that could be of some help?

Thanks wayy in advance for anybody’s help. I appreciate this a great deal.

One place you can start is with blender guru’s recent smoke tutorial where he shows you how to make smoke for a building that has just been demolished and is crumbling down and reveals a smoking, burning city in the background:

During the 27-minute video you will learn:

  • The Old System Vs New – What’s changed?
  • How the Smoke Simulator works
  • How to bake and render realistic smoke
  • A behind the scenes look at creating a smoking city