An Egg Story

The Human point of view.

My Girlfriend says: “Jason it’s OK you just dropped an egg” (as she strokes me on the back) “everything is going to be ok”

Jason says: I Know babe…its been hard for some time. I don’t know way I drink this S**T. They say it makes you strong. I just should take steroids.

My Girlfriend says: You idiot!..ha ha

The Egg Point of view.


Made in blender 2.65 (rendering in Cycles).

I really enjoyed this project and hope you liked the short story, Some of it was true. lol That story was want encouraged me to think of food with feelings. how would the other one feel, If it sees me drop an egg. was it, its friend…lol you got the point.

anyway feed back welcome :slight_smile:

Haha, i love it…Great image! :slight_smile:

Wow. That looks so real!

Thank you :slight_smile:

I have been thinking of making this in to an animation series for youtube, called An Egg Story. they would be 2-3 mins long. It will be about the advantages of the eggs trying to escape from the kitchen. In a cartoon tom and jerry/road runner/great escape meets Final Destination lets see how we can kill them lol sound cool or not??

Feed back welcome :slight_smile:

Nice image. I think it sounds like it could be a fun story to watch :slight_smile:

Only one prob lol

Nice, everything seems really cool. Except for the fact that his eye-lids (that is the correct word? :P) should be horizontal and straight. Currently, it seems as though he is dying in rage or something. Looks as though he is going to have revenge, a villain dying in a movie. :slight_smile:
Other than that, it looks really good and realistic.

Nooooo! Poor egg. Good render.

Thank you for your thoughts :slight_smile:

Egg White

Egg Yolk

I would of liked to have less reflection on the egg White, but did’t find a way of doing it, could not use a diffuse node like you would to make pained metal or plastic less.

Could be really simple but could’t get there this time :slight_smile:

Thank you again