An EGGCelent Day

This was an animation I made for a school project. Strict deadlines meant I couldn’t render at a super high frame rate or with higher sampling (200 samples with denoting at 24 fps), but it turned out alright, and I learned a lot (this is my first real animation).

I’m still not sure why the fire gets jittery at the end, though… :rolleyes:

A 720p version can be found

. The original is 1200x784, but Youtube keeps downscaling it.

The hdri can be obtained for free from and some of the textures came from (also free). The music was saved from Youtube.

Any constructive criticism is welcome :slight_smile:

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My take would be, concerning the fire, that you changed the settings midway through the simulation. Next time make sure you set the timeline back to 0 and then make the changes. Let it go through the timeline and that should iron out the jitters.

That’s what I thought at first, but I baked the simulation before rendering, so that shouldn’t have been a problem. Also I did an OpenGL render of the same simulation and the jittering wasn’t there.
I used multiple computers for rendering at the same time, so right now my best guess is that a baked frame must have gotten lost/corrupted/etc during the file transfer.

Could be. But I think that it should have ran through the timeline first and then you bake the simulation. That’s my opinion on this matter.

I should have called it “The Great EGGscape”! Such a missed opportunity!

I never noticed your animation… Nice one! And Star Wars and the Sabre Dance are always a great choice. (Even though, the lightsaber would probably win every time.)