An Elf. Go figure ;)

I whipped this together for the Blender Cloth entry thread. It took me a while to get the result I wanted on the cloth. Almost would have been faster doing it manually. But I’m new to the tool. Anyway, let me know what youz guyz think.

Rendered with Yafray 1h13m. Used BI for test renders.

Edit: Updated Image. Render BI 1min 12secs :frowning:

That’s amazing! Yeah, the cloth looks great! Very realistic. To be honest I’m more impressed with the hair, though… did you use the particle system or is it a textured mesh? In places it looks like particles, elsewhere it looks like a mesh.

I think the skin looks rather dead and overall the materials don’t do justice to the modeling. It looks OK, but with better texturing it has the potential for looking great. :wink:

There was a large amount of color loss when going from BI to Yafray. I don’t know why. I like the way it look though so I kept it. In the attachment I did a quick render with AAO and pixel cache to give an idea of the original texture. I’m just stumped how to produce a clear facial bump map with BI. (currently tweaking every setting)

Edit: Le Choc!!! The strands render with Raytracing. Okay so, I can get the bump to show. Now I just need proper transparency on the eyes.

Double Edit: Couldn’t get the eyes to show right with BI raytracing, however I discovered that really upping the shadow buffer made the bumps show much like they did in Yafray. I am now learn’ed.


It was just he particle system. I used four systems: top left right rear. Each with 40-60 strands. I emitted children from faces. Adjusted the clump for all and the shape for some. Took a while to style it just right.