An elf (WIP)

Heya Blenderheads. This image has a background story. While I like to type…
I modeled a character. It was preety ok but when it came to texturing I realized I can’t draw :slight_smile: Shadows, bumps, details, collors… Ack
So I decided to learn 2d art a lil.

It is curently in very wip stage. Freshy collored.
Keep in mind it’s my very 1st atempt in stuff like that so be gentle.
I don’t own tablet or scaner. Even if I would own one of these things, I can’t draw :slight_smile:

C’nC most welcome.
Painted in Gimp with a reference help.

Enough of mumbling. Enjoy.

Link to image

Small update - minor things fixed. Colors will be added in the final stage.
You know what? It won’t be an elf. There’s too many of them out there, hehe.

I’ll try to make her hair later tonight.

Link to Image

No feedback? Gak…
I made hair and some minor fixes. I thought I will share it.

I need comments. Tell me what you think or what’s wrong with it and I’ll try to fix it.
Thanks in advice.

Link to Image

i think it is abit too messy.the third one is much better although his right shoulder seems to be not in perspective.

Oh and in your second post you said thanks in advice.It supposed to be thanks in advance.:stuck_out_tongue:

Nice start, but she looks more like a he…:smiley:
I like it better as an elf BTW…
keep it up and show us what happenes

I’m no expert at 2-D, but here’s my thoughts, anyway.:wink: I think the reason the face looks more masculine is that the face is too angular. I normally think of a female face as having more soft curves, etc., so I think if you could smooth the face out, and make the shapes and shading “softer” looking, you’ll be well on your way.:smiley:

p.s. Not that it’s bad looking now, those are just my thoughts on improving it.:slight_smile:

What he said. Not bad, though.

Should I change the topic name to the Shemale Elf :smiley: Hahaha.

Seriously, thank you guys for replies. I tried to do my best to change things that were wrong with her.

So following your advices I cleaned the image and rounded her face in a few places. Also, I redefinded the shoulder and it should look more natural now.

Hope she looks better and you will find this character as a female :slight_smile:

I’m affraid I made hair too dark to chang its’ color - what I plan to do later.
The problem is, that it’s on the same layer as face is.
If I will remove it without messing up the whole image, maybe I will comback to the elf concept.

Finished! Well, sort of.
There are areas I’m not happy with it - hair, right eye, color (color layer didn’t worked as I thought), mouth corner…
But I finished working on it. It’s my first try in digital painting and I’m satisfited with this pic.

Hope you will like it.

The final, colored image: