An Emerald Dragon

Cycles Render,

Are you new to Blender by any chance?

Because if you are, than this is a decent start when it comes to getting to grips with modeling techniques. The next thing you should lean is how to create a mesh with continuous topology along with how you can combine the different shading components in Cycles to create better materials.

It looks like this image could also benefit from the use of billboards where, if they have a blend texture mapped to them, you can create a volume effect for things like the smoke coming out of his nostrils. Right now it looks somewhat like a videogame character which may or may not be intended, but if you’re like most people here, then you should have the capacity to improve quickly :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comment. This is actually a work I finished a while ago that I never got around to submitting here. However I am… fairly new to Cycles and am still figure the details out. Also on the smoke and volumetrics I didn’t really think that Cycles currently had that feature. If i’m wrong let me know!

If anybody knows a good way to do smoke or fire in Cycles let me know!

Thanks again,

I didn’t say volumetrics, I said billboards, billboards are camera-aligned planes that can be used to fake volumetric effects.

As the description implies, it is not true volumetrics (which Cycles does not yet have), the easiest way to create billboard meshes for smoke is to make a particle system and set the visualization type to ‘mesh’ (which you then set to your billboard).

Must have misread your previous post. I’ll give billboards a try, thanks!