An environment project. My first completed artwork in Blender 2.8


(Michael McCann) #1

(lolwel21) #2

Looks good!
It gives off a similar feeling to Gleb’s Big City Sensory Overstimulation. What I’m noting is that considering the run-down look of the buildings’ walls and such, there are a couple uncannily clean areas: the intersection between the dragons and the columns should probably have a bit more dirt/grunge to them, and the street needs a good dose of trash.

The shading gives off a kind of Borderlands style of lighting, which looks good, but the lighting is a bit too even for my personal tastes.
Lowering the AO radius would do a lot for this image. Make sure the radius is the height of the balconies on the first story of the foreground building, and ideally only using the Simplify’s AO bounces.
If you’re not actually using AO, then I’m guessing there’s a bunch of invisible/out of frame lights that are making the lighting a little too even for realism.

(Michael McCann) #3

These are really great suggestions, lolwel21. Thanks!

(Bart Veldhuizen) #4

You’re #featured, enjoy :slight_smile:

(alf0) #5

wow this is amazing, the materials on the ground are mind blowing
reminded me of the game jakcy chan

(Zak Gre) #6

That’s looking great! Could you provide a viewport screenshot please? It would be useful to see objects without shading…

(Ricky) #7

Wow. Fantastic looking China Town. Love the Clouds and Colours and water :slight_smile:

(GarageFarm.NET) #8

This looks great.
Very cinematic.

This looks like a great scenery for an animated scene. Did you think of using it this way ?
(though it looks fantastic as a still shot - just makes you hungry for more :))

Keep on blending
Jarek D (DJ)

(karab44) #9

Looks like a screenshot from the Last Night indie game ;-). Really nice work

Best Regards!

(CheesecakeCG) #10

Really nice scene, the materials are especially awesome. Is this EEVEE or Cycles? If I had to take a guess, I’d say EEVEE, XD.

(Addidi) #11

In my opinion, too , is right! … the dragons and the piles need more grunge or dirt to them