An eventual retooling of the BGE forums for general game development, good idea?

As the title says, since it’s really starting to look like the BGE is officially on its way out, it gives the impression that the sections dedicated to the engine will become obsolete.

My proposal (perhaps after the Discourse move is done), is to retool the BGE forums so as to make them open to showcasing projects done in all engines (providing that Blender remains the primary tool for asset and level creation).

In a way, you could have a section dedicated to the new interactive engine and sections for WIP and finished projects made in engines like the Interactive Mode, Unity, Unreal, and Godot. The resources forum could also be retooled to showcase the availability of pre-made assets and textures.

Would this be something to look at?

I’m not sure. If people are sharing assets that they make for games (just like folks sharing assets for illustration or animated films), then the regular Artwork forums are a perfectly suitable venue, regardless of the engine being used.

For full-released games, I’m not sure I know what the best solution might be… probably not that different from what we do for animated films. I’d almost rather that the Game Engine forums be smoothly re-integrated with the rest of the subforums (game engine support and discussion becomes it’s own sub-forum in Support, Team Projects get merged with Volunteer Work in the Jobs forums… and so on).

Of course, that’s all stuff for after the Discourse migration. I’d rather pick a solution that brings game development folks closer to the rest of the Blender community, rather than sift them off to their own corner.

I would suggest and it would be easier…add only “s” to the end of the words engine
…and leave it almost the same, maybe wip 's and demos still divide into individual engines line Ace Dragon suggest.

My question is…is it broke? Does it need to be changed? The problem is with opening it up to a lot of engines is that it creates a lot of noise…most BGE game engine users visit the bge forums for bge related things…other game engines have their own forums…

if they are sharing art or have modeling questions…well…those are already on other subforums…why make it more difficult? I think it is fine how it is.

I do not see any benefit to doing this, only drawbacks for BGE users as it will make it more difficult to find something specific and one could easily be led astray or get lost…say they have a unity question…well…unity has forums for that…but now that this question exsists in the bge forums…and maybe it is answered…a user doing a similar search for bge will be led to the unity question…and will get false information…it just seems to bloat the system and create a lot of noise. I’m also wondering why you bring this up Ace? you seldom do any game engine related stuff…makes me feel like you are the ‘nosey neighbor’…not a good person to be.

I am personaly against this…but, I can sot speak for everyone…

Mehh only change the forums once 2.8 is officially out and only when there’s a large user base on the new interactive mode so this could take 2 to 3 years before they have the forums changed completely.


I somewhat misread aces thread…but if there is an" interactive mode" it is essentially the same as a BGE forum…and I still stand by what I said about that.

People already support

upbge / bge / bdx / blend4web here

maybe just add a ‘new engine section’ much later after the engine is in beta.

maybe jumping the gun also
and your talking about a game engine that only exists on paper…

This is also a valid point.