An eye confined on the sea - Abstract scene - Mickael

Hello !

Yesterday I was beginning a new project based on architecture.
But I think the confinement is starting to drive me a bit mad :sweat_smile:

Sooo Here’s the result after a battle between my little voices in my mind saying “Yeeeeaahapeeeahahahfiouuuuuu exploooooooratioooooooooon” and “Hey guy what are you doing ?! Stay credible with your architecture ! Don’t listen him ! Come back!”

Hope you enjoy it !


Feel free to comment or tell me to find new ways to relax :crazy_face:


architecture doesn’t have to be rectangular, even if helper artifacts mostly are.
the tyranny of the tee-square ended when drafting moved to computers.

architecture can be anything big enough to walk inside of, that someone can figure out how to build.
even if its something you might not be allowed to build anywhere near where you live.

i’m just saying, and i’m not claiming any authority to say it, but i’m saying it anyway,
any shape you can make in blender or any other 3d program, that can conceivably be scaled as to be shelter, can be considered architecture if you want it to.

just furnish it with the kind of details and textures that bring happiness and peace to your own mind.

personally this idea that architectural illustration has to be rectangular spaces,
is just something left over from the days of t-squares and triangles,
and what its easier to get a building permit to build.

i really hate that idea that architecture has to be rectangular,
and absolutely love bringing organic shapes and forms to it.

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Wow ! Very interesting point of view! I never thought like that

It’s true with 3D that we are not limited by physic. I have to take the creation of architecture to another level !

I am thinking a lot about matrix, inception, docteur strange where architecture is, indeed, used with traditionnal architecture elements but with different space and time while Interstellar when the main character enters the 4D universe, we see a structure where the character could interact with it.

Huuuum thinking about that give me some ideas !

Thank you a lot for enlighting my view, It’s really interesting and curious topic !