An eye does not works in my case...

Hi All,

I have just tried to replicate this tutorial:
And in my case the Cornea does not look like a transparent at all…
I have made same parameters as it shown within a page…
Can someone tell me where there could be a problem?


I can’t get to the page and it’s been a quite a while since I’ve seen it,
but in order to make faces transparent, you need to reduce the alfa (“A” slider on the Material panel), and enable Z-buffering. (Ztransp in the Mirror Transp panel) Unless you’er raytracing. Then you need to enable “Ray Transp”.

Hope that helps.

Everything you have mentioned I did, and everything you said is mentioned on that site…
It’s too strange that site does not opening, it’s linked here:

Blenderchar isn’t opening for me either.

Maybe you could post an image of what your eye is looking like?

Yeah, sorry, my site’s down, it should be up again within a few days.

All pictures was cutted by author

Well, if you render it, then you will see that it is transparent. It just doesn’t show up in the viewport as such.

On another note, it seems your meshes are quite dense. You should use a much lower uvsphere and subsurf it. Much easier to work with.

Wow, I did not know :slight_smile:
Thank you so much for this simple trick !

BTW, why I cannot make a face for the Mesh Circle? What’s wrong?

A mesh-circle is a circle of verts joined by edges: it has no faces. Select all in edit mode and extrude perpendicular to the edges and you’ll have a circle of faces.


Thanks a lot! I did scale into center insted.

Another silly question: How to load inside one scene another which was done earlier, and I’d like to use it as an element, e.g. an eye for a head?

For the last question: Shift-F1, select a .blend file and you can load armatures, lamps, materials, meshes and other separate parts from it.

>>> nic

If you want to append multiple objects at the same time use shift + right click, to select multiple items. ( good practice is to append the ‘object’ which hopefully you named in the object field )

Dont use extrude then scale in. It creates even more vertices. Just select all of the already existing vertices ans hit Shift-F or its Ctrl-F. One of those.

Sorry, if I need to load all parts of the object, how to do this?
E.g the eye has 4 different objects, and each has a material and texture…

Append all of the Objects that make up the eye and each object will come with all of its associated data.


Cool, it does! now I have found another problem: I cann’t edit this appended object… is it finally rules, or…?

Please if it possible kick off some body to get this very important site up more quickly :slight_smile: