an Eye.

hi, this is my second work (remember the first :smiley: ?)
need some work but here’s the start
(tutorial for eye used)
i want to do some some tatoo on the eyelid , something tribal, dunno yet
i can’t use fiber generator for eyelash because i can’t install it, but i think shoud be good with duplivert and a basic subdivided plane :wink:
too many verts for that thing and some artifact but i think i can fix it :smiley:
c+c needed 8)
ups forgot photos

i like the 2nd image more, even tho the eyelids are low-poly - could u post the whole head/face or uve just modelled the eyelids?

urgh i’m not so good :frowning:

only eyelids %

Hmmmm, I don’t like the wierd border between the iris and the white of the eye

mm it appears only with AO on dunno why…
i know how to fix it, when i’ll be home (in 2 hours) i’ll fix it :smiley:

I don’t think something as simple as that needs AO

Hmm. wow kansas… you’ve become the master of spam!

mm maye you’re right, but wihout AO looks very strange (maybe because my lights are bad)
i’ll try to tweak a bit :Z

tweaked a little

now it’s much better.
so - what’s your goal, i mean - this is a work in progress, what will the finished project look like? what r u aiming for?

mm hard to say, and i can’t find a photo of what i want to do :frowning:

Looks quite a bit better now, keep it up :slight_smile:

where did you fidn that eye texture? the iris

what the heck - ur a texture collector or what? you know what GOOGLE is? no? then find out. yes? then go and search for “eye texture” and it’s done.
maaan, ur living way too easy - when you grow up, no one’s gonna do anything for you.

the texture s from the tutoria on blender site…
i decided to remodel from scratch the eyelid
here it is
c+c pls

cool, but why don’t you try to enchance your project?

what does enchance means? :expressionless:

w00t i could run fiber :smiley:
what do you think about this for eyelash

i meant to make a whole face or more, not only an eye. and the eyelashes - theyre a little bit grotesque, don’t u think>

yes, i’ll try to scale them a bit
i want to get like in this pic

edit: i tought about making a whole face, dunno if i can do it with my skill right now, but sure i’ll try