An Heavenly Place

Hello everyone.

Here is my wip for the latest Blenderguru competition. I’ve been inspired by lots of pitcures my sister and her boyfriend bring from their holidays in Nicaragua. Wonderful country as well :).

Hope you enjoy it.

So beautiful… Nice lighting and shading… :slight_smile:

The lighting and colors are great, and while the composition may be a bit unoriginal you do it great justice. Other than some render noise in the shadows, the only thing that stands out to me is the waviness of the beach. Unless you were going for this in particular, it seems to me that there is a lot more vertical motion in the sand then there should be on a beach where the waves are coming and going constantly.

Your water material is really nice and fits very well with the style of the beach it is on. I would love to see some sort of wave effect where the water meets the sand.
Great job, I look forward to seeing the final version.

It looks good for this scene, but Andrew said to try and be creative. In fact, he said specifically to try and do something else than “the obvious cliché of sitting on an island in a deckchair.” Which seems to be what your scene is.

You’re right Owldude, I didn’t notice this detail about the cliché. I’ll finish this WIP, for fun and… I already have an idea about how will I transform this into something more original.

So, here is the new concept. I want to illustrate a simple idea about perfect holidays:
“There’s no place like home”.

It’s quite empty (and noisy) for the moment but I just wanted to made some quick shots of what I had in my mind.

Hope you enjoy.

Ooh, that’s a funny concept =)

Awesome concept!

Last render:

I’m still wondering what can I do with leaves…

I worked on the original project.

Hope you like the enhancements :slight_smile:

270 Passes with clamp sets on 1.3

The waves look better, good work.