an idea: converting subdiv to "optimal draw"-like mesh

I have an idea!
Look the image below.
Left you can see the subdived mesh, right the original mesh.
The original mesh are unusable without subdiv of course.
But the subdived modell maybe usable if we look only the vertices of the “optimal draw” result! So imagine a lowpoly mesh that only has the vertices that we see on the optimal draw (so the left image without subdiv but the vertices are on the position where we see now).
Somebody can understand me? :slight_smile:


Little clearance would be helpful. You mean to have solid mode non sub mesh but vertices of edit mode of subdiv, yes? But I do not get it. Blender actually have in both modes (sold as well as edit possibility to work with subdiv as well as original mesh. Are you talking about edit or solid mode feature?

okay let see this image

It sure gives a much better looking lowpoly model…

Well it is quite doable by hand:
On a subsurfed model > optimized edges > Xkey > Only faces > Apply subsurf modifier.
Of the remaining wire of edges only vertices at the intersections, i.e. those where 3 or 4 edges meet are useful. Filling the faces is somewhat of a monk’s job though, when there are more than 10-20.
Could the construction of the faces be automated then ?

Kind of geometry fixing tool… cool!

like “baking” an optimal draw… I like it.

This way you could also subdivide 2 or 3 times and bake the vertexes of the first subdivision with the optimized shape of a 3rd level of subdivision.

sounds really good.

you can do that already, I think. just add multires, add a few levels, then go to level 1, and delete higher.

screenshot here(a big one)

what pildanovak suggests is what you seek. If you apply multiresh afterwards you have a clean mesh without the limitations of multires (shapekeys don’t work on multires)

This would be great for normal mapped models. vote +1.

FreakyDude, it works! Wow, its great, thank you!
This was a fast solution. :slight_smile:

Applying multires deletes other history of that mesh. Doesn’t it?

So it works. Of course, better to make a lowpoly by hand, but this is a true help I think.
Left: hipoly, right: lowpoly with tangent baked normals.