An idea for a game

Anyone thought of making a simulation of creationism ???

can you explain better , i am not good in english.

Do you mean, have the player make a simple set of rules and starting circumstances, and then let the world grow and evolve from that?

Or a God Simulator game, like Spore?

Yea a God Simulator. An attempt to build heaven on earth by using Ryan’s belt only to figure out that hell is created with it.

Something thats base on the Maya Calender

would be real complicated, but if someone had the will, then blender has got the way :wink:

i love this idea. i think i will give it try as soon as i get some free time.

Of course, “god games” represent an entire genre, including Sim City, Black and White, and (most notably, in this case), Spore.

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I’m missing the part of this thread which features either

a) A work in progress


b) A game demo

As such, I will be locking it.