An idea for a game

Anyone thought of making a simulation of creationism ???

Hopefully this is the right thread, please tell me otherwise

Creationism, you mean that god created everything. Something similar to Black and white, where you control a hand? What genre are you thinking about?

3rd person

Those are the only genres I can think of that maybe could work. So the player would be god right? Interesting idea…tell me more what you think about and I may be interested in joining. This is a join topic right?:rolleyes:

The most interesting thought in this idea, is what would represent god? What form would he be in?
Also what religion would you be god in? I think it would be more interesting to have god in some other religion than the christianity and islamic ones. What about a game where you would be the god of Ra, the sun god in egyptian religion. Or some norse god maybe…

The problem is, what would the gameplay be like? God can’t die, so that is a problem. And what would you do in a 3rd person style game as god?

why are you asking this ? :confused:

how could that even be done as a game!?! As an animation I see but game?

…Name says “Iconoclast” that means I can’t help. Legally binding situation, I’m sure you understand.

A god can’t survive if it’s forgotten or useless. Maybe you’d have to create things so obviously created that people would pay respects to you, with irreducible complexity skills, and defying the natural order of things to evolve. And, also make sure there’s no other explanations out there, other religions or biology. heh.:rolleyes:

he is not talking about a game , he is talking about a simulation

but it’s an idea for a game…??

If this was a game idea or a simulation idea? What is the difference, anyway. Anyone who is interested in making something like this. Or something that has to do with mythology maybe? I have been thinking about making something like this for some time. But never really started working on something except a character model.

Anyone who would like to form a team? And discuss some ideas over msn maybe?

I’m thinking of something that seems simple, like the stone henge, Maya calender, the Adam and Eve. Then it will evolve to something much more complicated after fraud. I don’t think its only about numbers, but time as well. I find the Hindu interesting since they use cosmos. There’s the dome on Capital Hill and the Freemason. Which I assume is the end of the New Age.

You could use something simple such as colors or spheres.

The benefit might be an AI system since I assume one and the other are the same.

So it’s not a game then…:spin:

Unless you want to call life a game, which it is. Could make it into a game, chose the formulas and the rules to predict certain outcome.

Video Game: An electronic or computerized game played by manipulating images on a video display or television screen.

So yes, that would still be a game.

Also, I definatly do not agree that a God cant survive if it is forgotten… whole nother topic though (don’t want to start any religious arguments in a game thread)

Of course god can be forgotten, he just exists in peoples mind. How could something exist if you don’t hear see feel or think it? So if someone would make a game where you are god. Being forgotten would be a good game over for a god.

Well, theres the elephant dream, where bigger government is a trap at least if you are goat that is.

It almost seems like you are trying to start an argument… please keep your thoughts on religion to your self. I for one do not think that God only exists in peoples minds. I believe he is very real. Now enough said, can we please end this discussion?

as The Dawisch said, please end the discussion, religion will get this thread closed don’t start and arguement please…

AI_Capone, I think what you mean is agame like Sims or Spore? Maybe? This games can be terribly hard to make, give the user a lot of control is hard, it’s like re-creating Blender, but in the game engine… Plus graphics… ? yes, hard. :slight_smile:

But I wish you good luck if you start a game project like this,

ahh yes an RCT, or Sims game would be interesting ot attempt

This explains all the different gods of the Mayans. Not really sims or spore, I’m more interested in the study of it.

Think of it more like liquid wars.

Here’s some others

You already had this thread, and it had to be locked. You don’t need another. Please don’t post this again.

Feel free to make the game if you want, though.