An idea for Australian Blenderers(if any besides me that is)

(Riskbreaker) #1

If there are any of you out there, here’s an idea i had:

why not enter Tropfest?

Incase you dont know what that is, its a festival for short films (Animations too), with a limit of 7 minutes (no longer) and its gotta have a TSI (Tropfest Signature Item).
Look up for more info.

It’ll probably be good publicity for blender over here.

Why dont i do it? I might.

Anyways, just and idea.


(kos) #2

hey don’t think i am from australia…but i like savage garden very sad that the group is no more…i think you should animate darren hayes singing “crash n burn” or something like that! :wink: …awesome thing to do.

(luckybreak) #3

Next years Tropfest is definitely one to work towards, Tropfest is cool, the only time I managed to get to one was at this laundromat cafe at Salamanca. There weren t enough seats and I had to sit in a pot plant and the films were projected onto the building opposite.
Fly TV might take animations and eat-carpet I wonder how receptive they are (Sorry for the Australian TeeVee speak peoples)

(Switchblade) #4

Yeah, I’m from Melbourne and I might be up for that. What did you have in mind? I know of another guy from Melbourne who is a Blenderhead, he’s a pro though and might not have the time.


(ectizen) #5

That sounds like a great idea, and a perfect excuse to get more involved in the animation side of Blender.

Depending on the exact requirements (can’t check now - their website ate my browser), I’m going to have a go.

(SimonK) #6

I’m from Sydney… Not thought of entering Tropfest. But I’m still working on my first short film with blender. It’s taken a while… Have to do the day job. Final piece should be 1 min 45 seconds. I guess I should check out Tropfest’s duration requirements.

Anyway, hi to all Australian Blenderheads! 8)

(luckybreak) #7

NEWS FLASH-Blender Takes Over Film Festival! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Switchblade) #8

Ok, sounds cool… we’ve got a year to make it :wink: We also don’t know what the Tropfest Signature Item is yet, I’m not sure when they announce that. And I’ll go out on a limb here and suggest a sci-fi themed movie? :wink:


(Riskbreaker) #9

I think the TSI will be announced mid year,…or maybe i read wrong :slight_smile:

I might do a toon (either Valarking’s method or that method using blend textures) or a supernatural theme (like dudes flying around shooting massive energy blasts or something)…question still remains…will i be ready on time???

Meanwhile Im working on a website…never made one before…check it out once in a while if you want. Keep in mind, Im still working on it
Cheers mates

…somewhere in Sydney…