An idea for cycles managing the materials..

i think that blender for cycles could have an easier way to manage their materials…
there is a reason why i like having my materials producal is because if i use textures, it is much harder to manage the file, because i can’t easily move the file, because then every texture needs to be relocated, vice versa
so… what i thought is that what if we can do something like this:

well… it’s kind of like that…
so my idea is that you can export or just save the material and you can make a library full of materials, but you need to refrence all the textures, so what you would do is export the whole node setup as a pic and there would be boxes of the textures, so you are importing the texture to an material.
so when you would like to make a material libary, or maybe just exchange materials, you would change he setup to an image, and then you would export it out;
then when you want to use the material again, import h node setup, and blender would place the material according to your picture, the good thing is that the nodes has headers, so they can read header, and then search it, then place it, i think that would save alot of hassle of searching for images in your folder