An idea for game challenges?

I had this idea, a way to build a one level game. I gave it to someone else, and they are not using it. So I decided to use it for myself.

But then I thought it would make an interesting way to start a challenge? Maybe.

So where and how do you start challenges?
How much time to you give them?

This is the idea:

It started over 500 years ago. The Dainkens had threatened our survival by striking our outposts here and there. Slowly taking over the Hurkian cemistry, bit by bit.

We fought brave battles and would win an outpost back, but their numbers were too large. As of yesterday we had almost lost the Hurkian Cemistry for the final blow.

But then in the blink of an eye, something happened. It was dramatic and we began to win the battle:

Game play begins

Use any free anything
Takes place in a dark, dusty, blown apart mall
Any year, any kind of people/weapons, etc.

1 week? Starting on Monday?

Too stupid?

I just thought that some would have more time this week because of thanksgiving…except me of course. smile.

Sounds cool…I’m serious. This would make a great game, though, It will take a while…

well, I just wanted to see what people saw when they read it. You know, where did their head go? What did they picture the mall to look like?

It just seems a good way to start off a challenge, for fun. After seeing the pirate ship challenge and what they did in what 2 hours? That was just too cool.

for some reason the story reminds me of a John Romero movie called “Dawn of the Dead”, The true sequel to “Night of the living dead”.

the world is over run by the dead, some of the last survivors land the helicopter on the roof of some huge mall.
They have to clear out all the living dead , so that they can survive there.
The rest of the movie is about them trying to keep the dead out of the mall.

anyway, I like your story a bit better :smiley:

I remember those movies, but I hated them. Never thought about that… I was thinking more on the lines of a scifi movie which I cannot remember the name of now! crap…

it has aliens that cannot breath our air and they wear nose thingys. They have long tongues? LOL… there is a scene of capture in a mall… I liked the mall for some reason, dont know why.

Maybe because it was so big and had so much open space, like a dream.

Yay, a Blender re-make of Dead Rising (Xbox360). Sounds cool though.

Hmm, never saw that either, lol. I dont think that is the name of the movie.

Battlefield Earth: a saga of the year 3000.

Anyway, it looks like no one is up for the challenge, darn. I really wanted to see what they made. Big Smile

hm… maybe start a poll on topic ideas? I think a BGE challenge would be a good monthly, or weekly, or bi-weekly; event too.

I think a monthly BGE would be good for a challenge, a week isn’t long enough.
Good Story, Reminds me of a few movies, i can’t think of there names. I’m in if this gets started.

I thought by keeping it to a week, it would get done, and would be easier to do.

So it looks like most want more time so the level can be more complex?

Hmm… ok then. Lets try it?

yeah i’m down with it