An ideal armature project?

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After searching through many tutorials, demos, projects etc, I still have not been able to find a good generic armature for humanoid type characters. So I did one up.

Which got me thinking. …

Is anyone interested in giving a crit on this attempt of mine?
It would be an interesting excercise to evolve a project like this into the “ideal” rigged armature for character animation purposes. Then make it freely available for download…

Mine has limitations: one bone finger, toe. and a few others.

But it works great, it may however not be “correct” in terms of axis orientation etc.

If anyone is interested I can mail the file to you so you can upload it to a server somewhere for download…


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You should not crosspost ( )


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isn’t it so uncanny that someone else posted a post that was almost exactly the same as yours a while ago.

very strange (it also sounded almost the same in choices of words)

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Maybe one of my multiple personalities had the same thought… :-?