An ideal interior

Hey Everyone!

Modelling, texturing, camera and lighting setup in Blender. Rendered in Octane.

I have been a bit inactive here in the last few months, as work has been pretty hectic! Here is a little personal project that I worked on for a few days to escape client restrictions. My focus here was on creating a really good ambient/direct light inside and making sure the textures were of very high quality! I look forward to your thoughts!



I like it. Nice light, model and materials. Good work.

WOW, great work.

excellent lighting and shading! The winter scene fits perfectly to the interior. The only thing I would change is the branch in the vase on the left: it’s floating a little bit.

nice work, so beautiful.

Your work is amazing. I love all the little details you have, like on the kitchen bench and it’s flecks. Where do you get your textures from if you don’t mind me asking?

Materials look very convincing, only thing I would change concerning to materials would be the wooden material on the ceiling. It looks somehow unfitting (too dark) and flat

Otherwise excellent job!

Everythink is perfect - feature work.

Love it, this is my goal, thanks for sharing this nice inspiring render!