An ideal theory of world peace

I drew this a theory of a balance world. I believe that we are only focus on prosperity when this happens the circle collapse thus is the reason of conflict in the world, in truth prosperity is the cause of the suffering in the world, thus if we wish to live in a peaceful world there would be no prosperity. In the image infinity contracts and is counteractive by infinity that expands.

Um… I’m afraid I don’t get it, I assume its a representation of something, but it looks like a circle with some arrows on it and 4 small balls inside to me :eek:. Could you explain a bit better what this is exactly?

well the balls is a symbol of infinity one goes forward (expand) and the other goes backwards (contract) at least thats the idea.

Oh right, and whats the arrows about? (on the outside of the big circle)

arrows is the expanding and the contracting. It’s a process of where the contraction contradict the expansion so everything remains neutral.

Ok, and what in the real world is equalivant to the contraction?

Nothing, it is all imaginary. The guy comes up with random stuff like this every once in a while and gets banned. A while later he returns and starts some more crazy.

I never got banned

Direction is relative. To there, you get from here. Peace is and always will be a moving target and sadly a lot of people tend to think it can be reached. Nope, only followed. Once it’s accomplished, it must be lost to be found again. You breathe in, so you must breathe out. Make sense? It’s only chaos if you don’t see the big picture.

One can dream…

You saying that fairness will lead to chaos cause fairness means that everyone has to give up something for the greater good ? What would be the sane idea then ? The way I see it, progress doesn’t exist, would living in a world without progress be the answer to all our problems ?

Quite a conundrum. I don’t think that could be the case though. If answering all our problems was the goal, then any steps you take toward that goal is ultimately progress. So if we stopped progress from existing and that solved our problems, then we have invented progress again.
I suppose the exception would be if progress never existed in the first place, because then none of us would have ever existed and therefore we would have no problems

Hmmmmm… What is the point Al? I don’t get it… what does the circle achieve? I’m not stomping on you here, I’m just curious… So by prosperity you mean money in any form?
Please elaborate…

Oh boy, a new episode of Al_Capone! Excuse me while I get my popcorn.

The circle shows the idea of a society that contradict itself. In other words everything you do will be counterproductive. Prosperity is nothing more then the exploitation of ourselves or the exploitation of ignorants. We enslave ourselves because we are obligated to a promise or word that can’t be broken, people are enslave because the breaking of a promise is inedible. The biggest mistake a society can make is a word, promise or truth that can’t be broken cause everyone ends up breaking the promise down the line. In truth you never had a choice to begin with, hence is the name “the great teacher” is something you never want to mess with.

@ Al_Capone - at so late in this stage of the struggle, we cannot show any sign of weakness. We must stand firm on our principles and progress forward so as to eliminate this world of the injustices suffered by the meek.

How long will justice last and what does it mean to be just ? Is it just a matter of fairness or is it an excuse to through any poor slob in jail for breaking laws out of desperation ?

I believe I found the answer to world peace and more in a session of deep philosophical thought. Not only would this solution solve all conflicts on humanity, it would reduce carbon emissions of the whole planet’s population to zero, no animal would die of human cause and every economy would become stable.

My solution is to remove the problem, that being humans. By exterminating the whole population humans would never be the cause of another conflict ever again, and the things is, this method is 100% guaranteed to work.

Yes, we do live in a world where you have to exploit someone to make money; and true the UN is trying to steal our freedom by making itself an Authority we never voted for, but hypothetically if you really want freedom it’s easy- lets say in an act of God all the Bankers on Wall St get killed. That way you can’t have war without money. :stuck_out_tongue:

You forgot the INTERWEBS.