An image for my animation

Hi everyone
This is an image from an animation I am hoping to make. It isn’t done yet and I will be making it move soon hopefully. Please be honest about what you think of it. And please give me some advice on what you think I could do with it.:smiley: I am planning to make an animation set either in the future or in another world (i’m not sure yet) and I will post more of what I am making on the thread when I can.

It looks like a type of mechanical bird. What is it exactly? And if it is a mechanical bird you should make it fly over a super futuristic looking world (obviously not earth, though). Just an idea :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s sort of a mechanical bird. I have been trying to make the wings go up and down for a while but I can’t seem to get it to work with armatures. Do you or anyone else know a different way I could do this.

I will see If I can make a futuristic city and could try including it in the animation I am making

Just been playing around with the textures a bit. Tell me if you like it like this or like it was before. It looks a little different but trust me it is the same thing.