An image I did yesterday

To kick off displaying images here, i’ll start with an image I made yesterday (and will likely be the last one before 2.34) to simulate fake realistic lighting and GI using an area light for sunshine and spot lights to fake bounced light, I origionally was rendering a version using 30 area lights with 16 samples but that was a big mistake as it was taking forever to render and had to be killed. So here it is. i’ll be putting up my other images in the public gallery on mudpuddle as I registered for an album but looks like it won’t be ready for a little while.
EDIT: scrapped the image tag, seems like hotlinking isn’t allowed or something like that. And the image size was supposed to be a little bigger, but it seems like they scale it when it gets past a certain size.

The link is wrong.

Hmmmmm, I copied it from the gallery itself :-?
Just go to the gallery manually and look for the image with a blue brick room with a cube inside. Should be near the bottom of the first page in the public gallery after monopolizing the whole page with all my images

you have a comma after the link, just delete it and the link works.

Hey thanks :wink:

:expressionless: I didn’t notice that.

I’ve also been wanting to put up the lighting setup I used for the image, does anyone know how to get the print screen button on the keyboard to work properly and where on the comp does it put the image?

It would look better with some shadows, or what would be really cool is some ray tracing reflections off of the bricks or cube.

It actually does have shadows, look closely at the bottom of the rectangular prism. And this was to simulate realistic lighting so eyecandy wasn’t of high priority.