An image of my upcoming teaser

Hello guys, this is my first post in the community. I’m a new Blender user, I was a maya power user for 18 years and I’ve been learing a lot of other programs along the way. But two months ago decided to try Blender. First interested in the 2D aspect with grease pencil and then littel by little learning more and more about the 3D side as it’s a core part of the magic of grease pencil. And suddenly got completely sucked into the Blender Magic, so now I’m part of the gang. And I couldn’t be more happy. It’s amazing how fast Blender allows an artist to create. Everything works, sometimes I have to backtrack just a little but once I get the core idea of the tool then I move forward really fast. Finally I’m making things move forward with my personal project. Here it’s a glimpse. Comments and critiques are welcome. This is just simple render with EEVEE and still need to add atmosphere with particles and a proper comp.

Thanks and a big thanks and a hug to all the Blender developers, you guys have given the artist community the most amazing gift of modern times.


awesome work!