An industrial bridge (new update 15/11)

Based on a piece of concept art by Feng Zhu (here):

Any crits/comments welcome
(note: modelling not completed yet, still ongoing)

Looks good so far, keep it up.

More modelling done, rendered a quick test image with yafray.

Comments welcome as before. :slight_smile:

No crits, it can’t be that bad surely…? :slight_smile: Advice very much appreciated.

From the artistic standpoint I think it would be cool if u added another bridge below perpendicular to the first one. Modelling is great though.

nice! slap some textures on that and some cool materials plus lights and what not and you could even add soem cool sparks (from like machinery) and turn it into a great looking factory or something! Good start!

Heh, heh… he said “quick” and “yafray” in the same sentence… heh, heh…

Anyway… nice modeling, but like Prince said, could use some textures and a center of interest… its another one of those images that makes you ask, “why am I looking at this?”…

Oo oo, I know… you could put a couple of jedi knights on the bridge fighting for their lives with light sabers… or a sad/lonely guy standing on the railing ready to hurl himself off into oblivion… or a couple of cartoony elephants playing a game of “go fish” while they’re on their lunch break… or something…

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, its really nice if those words told a story. You’ve got a great start going, tho! Don’t quit! :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the replies.

AgeLesS - Thanks for the compliment! My modelling is the 3d skill I think I possess the most of, my other areas are sadly lacking. I might alter the image once it’s complete, but my first goal was to model and texture the concept drawing as accurately as possible.

Prince - Yeah, that’s my next step, once I’ve finished a couple of little details on the modelling. I then need to set up lighting, before applying bump, spec and colour textures.

mzungu - Yeah, by quick I mean 20 minutes! :smiley: A centre of interest would definitely improve the scene I agree, but I really want to try and get the concept drawing as accurate as possible first. The jedi knights idea I like a lot, once I’ve got this finished I’ll play around with makehuman and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the encouragement!

and why isn’t it? i render on a 1000mhz cpu and none of my images even with DOF and AO take more than an hour and most don’t take more than 20 minutes! Let’s face it too…yafray makes most images loads better when it comes to glass and metal!

Prince, I guess I’ve not got the right settings, or something… I’ve got one running right now thats been going for two days on a 3ghz Xeon… yes, its a high poly count scene and its using HDRI, but Blender internal’s whipping out the same one in less than an hour. Who knows if the yafray one will be right when its finished, either… after such long times I lose my motivation to tweak a few settings and try it again. Especially when the results of my tweaks will be uncertain… I try to be patient, but…

You’re right, tho, about the quality. I like it much better and would love to use it all the time. Maybe soon “Moores Law” will kick back in for the processor design wars and we’ll start seeing increasing Mhz rates for CPUs again… it seems to have leveled out at 3.5 or so. Wishful thinking, I guess… like I’d be able to afford them if they did come out, anyway! %|

Testing lighting setup with icosphere and duplicated spots.

I’m not sure what to do with the lighting setup for this, as the corner of the wall causes real headaches. I don’t think the 3point lighting setup can be used.

Suggestions of how other people would light this are very welcome, I’ve always had trouble at lighting scenes anyway. :slight_smile:

Sorry all, hate to bump this, but it’s off the first forum page and I didn’t get a response last time.

Thanks for any help. :slight_smile:

Yes, three point lighting is not going to work in this situation. 3 point lighting is used mainly for controlled shoots, like the news.

When you try to light a scene think about what you are trying to convey to the viewer. To me this scene is very industrial looking, so what does that mean?

The point of 3 point lighting is to illuminate an area without any major shadows. But for an industrial scene shadows are what you want. They will set the tone for the render.

I’d start with a couple spotlights above the scene shining down. Use them to create a shadow pattern that you like. I wouldn’t expect them to be too bright, as this corridor probably wouldn’t be too bright. I would make the lights just a little yellow, also.

Then I would add/model a couple of small lamps by the door. Don’t make them very bright, just enough so that people know what they are in the render.

Or maybe if you want to play around, some track lighting on the rail. but that’s probably more movie theater and less factory.

Good Luck

After several hours of trying, this is the best lighting setup I came up with in the native blender engine…

I used the 3 point lighting setup, but using all area lamps instead of the usual ones. Blue lights also area lamps. I’m fairly pleased with this, I think it looks reasonable.

Comments welcome.

Maybe fluorescent lights hanging above the bridge on long cables from the ceiling would look good? Perhaps even with one of those scary little repair walkways over them.

Cool scene though. I’m somehow reminded of the factory scenes from FF7, though I haven’t played that in ages so I couldn’t say how close the resemblance really is.

i think you should work on texture first, so you can tune the colors of your scene later with the lighting.
But, that’s my point of view, i prefer texturing than lighting :slight_smile:

I prefer the opposite, only with a blank canvas can I tell how the lighting will look, I next set up spec mapping, then bump, and finally coloured textures last.

This is the basic preliminary setup, I might fine tune it of course once the textures are applied.

What do you think of the current lighting though? :smiley:

the light directions are good i think, but i would prefer it with some colors :slight_smile: (subtle colors, not 255 green !!! )

It is sometimes useful to add light to simulate radiosity and reflections, and you can’t do that before the texturing. It’s not easy to judge a lightning on gray areas, I prefer to see the scene as a whole thing and fine tune when it’s nearly done :slight_smile:

Radiosity? I thought no-one used that anymore, it’s far too messy, and GI doesn’t take that long.

no, it’s to simulate it, if a wall is red, you add a red light close to it, so it will look like there is radiosity.