An industrial kitchen


(Mobolaji Dele-Adelodun) #1

This project was rendered with Blender Cycles at 1000 samples.


Very nice work! This looks amazing :smile:

(Mobolaji Dele-Adelodun) #3

Thanks alot :slight_smile:

(UserGreat) #4

Awesome! Can you tell me the materials of the upper shelves (the ones above the sink)?

(Mobolaji Dele-Adelodun) #5

The upper shelf is a painted wood material, but the denoiser might have stripped off some detail are you asking for a screenshot of the node tree?

(UserGreat) #6

No, thanx. I thought there were no texture. But it looks great anyway, even without a wooden texture.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #7

You’re #featured! :+1:

(Michael Kimber) #8

Your attention to detail while modeling and texturing is really good! And the kitchen looks superb, Well done! :wink::+1: If you don’t mind me asking… What features did you use to model the sink tap (faucet)? it’s amazing and looks like it was really tricky to model :grimacing:

(Michael Kimber) #9

This user doesn’t :point_up: But I would love to see your nodes :grin: (If it’s not too much of a hassle for you :sweat_smile:)

(totopremier) #10

personnaly, I found there is too much glare, and the light is weird : there is no shadow, no contrast, too much saturation, but it seems it is à la mode … so well done

(Mobolaji Dele-Adelodun) #11

I got this model online, but it can easily be modelled with the spin tool, curve modifier and screw modifier.

(Gio Byers) #12

To fix the light clipping issues you might try the filmic log encoding base.

(James) #13

This is good, well done :slight_smile: However something feels a bit off with the bricks. Maybe the specularity on them is a bit high. It looks like its brick wallpaper in some places.