an inspired fish upadte number 2 (work continues)

this is a fish i working, was inspired by another one i saw on the forums (and i know what your thinking “nemo” but this likness only ocoured to me after a quick bit of test texturing, its barry, nt nemo or any fish like him!) this is nt the finshed colour either, its just to give an idea of the paterns, was hoping for crits and comments, thanks all.


Well it’s already quite well done I must say !

However, you should make the fins a bit thinner and make them less “going from fat to thin (bottom up)” and more “staying thin all the way”. The eyesockets are a bit deep too imo.

Keep up the good work!

Did it happen to be my fish?

hehe, yes womball it was, that fush is awsom :smiley:

right, heres the first pose, ive done some work on the eye sockets and thined the fins, also the eyes are done properly and i added a bit of texturing, im thinking about changing the lips abit, what dwall think ???


Looking good! ITs awesome that my fish inspired someone Your fish is looking more fish like than mine. The only thing I would change is the scale texture. It doesn’t look like scales.

Love the fish model, the expression is awesome, for a clown fish it’s quite funny since they are one of the smallest ones around. I agree that the scale texture does not look quite right. Especially since the fins would not have scales like the rest of the body would, perhaps make the fin a seperate material and assign a different texture to it? Looking good though! :slight_smile:

i liike the idea of making the fin seperate, that hadnt really crossed my mind, and bfore someone else says it aswell, i know what u mean about the scales, but im having real trouble fiinding a scale texture, if anyone had one lyig around could they let me know, as i dnt even have photoshop to try making one, thanks for the comments so far, keep em coming.

I could probably get you a .dmg of PS.CS2 but I’m sure some would fround on piracy, but, just get a copy of GIMP, pretty much the same and is open source. Can’t remember the persons name but someone resently did a wonder fish scale texture, was the fishies in the bowl image a week or so ago. Might ask them for the texture.

I personally think that you should change the eyes to look more “fish like.” It’ll make the fish look more well-- FISH. Rite it looks way too human for the likes of me. make em both black. I realize that it will take some of the character out of its facial expression. Oh by the way nice modeling. Did you have a model or drwing to base that on?

no, i didnt use a drawing or references :), but as i said it was inspired by womball , was just from my head, i totaly see what u mean about the eyes, but really like them so i tihnk i might try changing the shape of the head to make him more fish like, that way i can get away with the eyes, but yeah, i see what u mean about to human like.

hers the second update, this is another pose i was trying out, ive removed the scale texture until i can find a better one (which is still prooving exceptionly hard), ive tweaked the eys lids some more and the teh lips to try to smooth them out abit but they still dnt look quite right in my opinion. i have thined and tweaked the fins abit more and also reshaped the head a bit to try to make the lil guy more fish like.
i could do with a bit more input though, as i know its nt quite right, but im nt sure why.


He is looking better than mine! I recognize those teeth. :wink: All molars! I am actually going to modify that eventually. I am working on a UV map first, how did you do your coloring btw? The eyes look fantastic!