An Interest in Commercial Game Design?

Greets again. After recieving information I needed, I decided to make a thread that would simply ask how many here are interested in using BGE as a commercial game design application?

My large Indie game dev team is currently working on a volume by volume (each volume spanning around 10-15 hours) commercial game series and have been looking for a nice engine to build it upon. However, while we have C++ programmers, they are not skilled in 2.5D design, so are currently working under myself on a fully 2d card strategy game entitled Spher-I-City, which in itself will be implemented as a mini-game into the main game.

My fiance is a BRILLIANT programmer in the limited GML, so he was constructing a prototype for the game to be built around using GML, and actually succeeded in pulling of the exact combat system core we needed in mere hours. So we launched forward with using GML and training up our C++ users until they had enough knowledge to program a basis for the main game.

After poking around here and seeing what BGE could do, I just wanted to ask: is there any interest enough that some BGE users would collaborate or even join our team in order to make the main game in BGE? If so, I will cancel the GML prototype and have the fiance work on game mechanics, where I need him most, and gather myself a team here to work directly on the game itself.

I’m no programmer by any means (2D artists + Managers/Presidents for the win!), though I will be picking up C++ soon and learning it.

I simply wish to know if anyone here wants to take on a commercial-length calibur of a game, before I decide if I want to try to advert here or simply stick with the current route.

If I get a general positive response on programmers wishing to help, I’ll make a detailed post on game specifics. I just wanted to make sure there was even a sliver of interest before I pour a large amount of time into a post here that will not be read. =)

** This game is widely accepted and anticipated already, and an estimated 1000 individuals waiting to pay. Just so you know we do have those who want the game at all costs. <3 **

I forgot, my post count should be high enough that I can post images/links! So here are a few…

WIP City Scene (Needs Fixing)
Sprite Preview

2D Animation Sketch Preview

Other 2D Preview

Thanks for any interest and for any responses!

  • Kujiforo

Heels Yehya:yes:, that would be awesomanomonum, in other normal words… yes:)

Thanks. I could use some help, both in programming and 3D arts. Been looking long and hard for a nice engine that meets the requirements for our game in progress.

Any more interest at all? It’s a fairly large project even when split into parts. I’m sure more than just one interested is needed to even complete each part for sale. =)

I’d say at least 3-4 with one as Lead Programmer would be nice.

The game is Sci-fi/Fantasy RPG genre with a heavy anime-style element in the art department. If I grab a few more, I’ll go write up a lengthy detailed thread adverting for 3D modelers and writers, artists, etc. This game has been in production/planning since the beginning of the year. The planning is nearly done, so its about time we boost the production aspect.

  • Kujiforo

@Kujiforo: I’m sure there would be people willing to help out on your project whether modeling for a different engine or creating the game using Blender Game Engine (BGE). An idea of object specifications (poly counts, usage scenarios), texture sizes and other specifics might help people to make up their minds.

It might be an idea to prototype a simple version of your gameplay to see how the mechanics and asset management would work in BGE. It’s fairly fast to make simple games in Blender and if you have a coder who is familiar with (or willing to learn) Python as a scripting language you can achieve a lot. Python is tightly integrated into both Blender and BGE.

A 2.5D adventure seems pretty simple to set up in Blender. Namely, have a character moving around a 3d environment with a camera vertex parented to them so the camera scrolls with the player movement. This could be achieved with no programming at all, though AI and PC/NPC interactions, inventory, sprite animation, combat, etc. would need to be scripted.

Edit: Be aware that the Blenderartists community is global so it may take a while for everyone who is interested in your project to even see your posts. Adverts for community participation are also fairly common and most fail, though your credentials do appear to be more promising than most.


For models, I’d have to grab the count from my fiance’ though he only judges by what GM can handle, and so far I’ve only got C++ and GML users, no Python users, which is why I’m trying to advert. My C++ users wanted to create an engine of our own from scratch, but I think that task is FAR too complex for them at this time. They are working on a smaller game (card game), but perhaps in the future they can sculpt an engine of their own.

Because the 3D images for the most part will just be flattened into 2D layers (to give it the feel of 3d without actually being 3D in the engine, we’ve been able to not worry TOO much on polycount with GML, giving us nice results…however the texture files seem to stretch and become ugly in the prototype and the sprites were to be used as textures on a 3D plane…and that’s not working out so well, but GML can’t handle direct 2D on 3D, so it was our only route.

Here’s a screenshot so you can see what I mean by textures/backdrops stretching and looking fairly ugly in GML engine:

The ground looks pretty and so do the tress, but the rocks, backdrop, and the sprite (mine, not my fiance’s horrible enemy sprites…haha) seem to fuzz up and stretch.

I think finding an engine more capable of handling 2D and 3D combined elements is the only way we’ll be able to make it look natural. Here is the way the environment was SUPPOSED to look:

So you can tell how badly the GML screwed it up.

  • Kujiforo

From your post, it sounds generally interesting, but still tricky to understand what exactly you’re proposing. Are you looking for staff? Volunteers? Python scripters? Modelers? Generalists? What kind of time frame? How much of a commitment is needed? etc.

What it all boils down to is precisely what is it you’re asking the community for, what is it you’re offering, and by when?

Right now I’m asking in general, if any programmers are interested in a large scale project commercially. If I do get enough programmers interested, I’m creating my game’s thread INSIDE the place where you post BGE games. If not, I’m going to advert for artists elsewhere on this forum, since non-BGE games aren’t allowed in that section. It all hinges on if programmers are interested in BGE approach. Otherwise I have no way of knowing exactly where to post my advert.

I hope this makes it a little clearer. =)

  • Kujiforo

I’m curious, but your post was unclear about a few things:

Will you be paying up front (as the work is completed) or are you expecting people to wait until the game sells to see any profit?

What is the name of your company and what other games have you produced in the past?

Where (country and state or province) is your company located? (One would need to know this in order to know if it would even be legal for you to pay them, since some countries have trade embargoes against other countries, and this is an international forum.)

  1. Nobody on the team so far gets paid until we sell merchandise (CDs, etc). All of our team members do not require pay, so when we get paid we use it to pay for forum hosting and all of that, to benefit the team. I do plan to pay once game sells. So its not when the game sells or up front. Its pay (for those who want it) as merchandise sells, and as game sells. I’ve been stiffed out of money before…so I won’t take the risk of it again, as it bears no fruit, at least until I get steady income. I’m not very wealthy. I made a post stating it was voluntary to begin with, so you can check there for a few details.

  2. We’re an internet-based team. We come from all over. Many game spots have deemed us one of the most organized online game teams. To which I’m pretty proud of that title.

  3. This is our first teambased game. Our members have made game applications on other teams or as individuals, but this is our first team effort all together. We’re a hardcore dedicated bunch. =) I run a multitude of online projects, but this is the one I work at most. After SpherEternity hits we’ve got more in store.

I think I’ve got enough interest to pull in some help here. I’ll be making my game post now to see if anyone pulls through. We’ve decided to go the BGE and full 3d route. 2.5D was giving us too many problems…3D should speed us up even if only a small bit.

Off to make my post.

  • Kujiforo