An Interior City Condo Scene

I have been working on my second interior scene recently, and I am almost finished. I am going to furnish a kitchen in the back, but otherwise I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on improvements I could make. I think it looks rather nice, but the floor could use a slight normal texture on it, if only I could figure out how to do that in Luxblend :confused:. So, any ideas?

BTW, this is my first non-troubleshooting post :o.

Also, if you are wondering, I rendered it for 40 hours on a Core 2 Quad Q9550 and I didn’t use Cycles because I am using a Radeon HD4850.

Swwwank, and might I add, y!

Normal maps are supported in recent development builds, not in LuxRender 0.8. If you’re using a recent build, just create a texture of the LuxRender Textures -> Normal Map type and assign it to the Bump Map slot of your material.

Wow really good , the only thing I see that needs a very small amount of improving is the DVD player under the TV it looks a little plain other than that i love it.

Rockin scene man! I like it!

Though there are two things that I’d like to critique on:

1- The center table, and bowl look fake, and flat (and the vases in the back). Or at least they don’t seem to have a presence. ie. Shadow.

2- City image looks a little odd.

Other than those couple things, I think its a great scene! Keep it up!