An intersesting new tool from google

Check it out! It is an interesting map.

Big brother is still alive… .

i’d be interested to see thee stats against population density, or GDP per capita…

Eric Schmidt recently said internet users shouldn’t worry about privacy unless they have something to hide.
Have you anything to hide because The Great Google knows where you’re hiding.
I suppose you sign your soul to the devil for GMail.


I read Google wants to track your energy usage too in the near future, not long before our computers can read your mind and Google can archive your deepest and darkest thoughts.:spin:

I some respects Google can already do that by observing our habits.

As far as I can tell Google is actually letting you know which governments are actually trying to hide things from YOU. Ok, so it’s not releasing what was asked to be hidden, but sheesh, if they’re displaying the locations of hidden silos and things.

For another thing, Google has not actually complied with all of these requests.