An intresting idea for sketching: Hand motions+Stylus?

The workflow in this video seems clunky and rough, but using a sensor and hands for aditional inputs could be the future for digital art and sketching: more commands with less buttons, just a sensor near your keyboard.

Maybe wacom could bring this to their ultra expensive line of products?

This looks like a nightmare to be honest. This seems to happen every year - someone comes along with the “future” of digital art, and then people try it out for a bit before going back to what is essentially always just pen and paper.

Part of the reason things like laser keyboards didn’t take off is because people want, or maybe even need, haptic/tactic feedback. Even VR games didn’t really take off until we figured out good controller systems for it because people didn’t like waving their arms around in the air or unresponsive controls. There were a few exceptions along the way (Just Dance did extremely well on the Kinect because it was a very active game), but for the most part we’ve settled on really good goggles and some form of controller.

I look at this “air scaffolding” system and while I understand the concept, I don’t see how it’s more intuitive or practical than some simple perspective sketches I could whip up in 10 seconds. I know they had some sort of visual indicator to show distance in the space, but that’s very difficult to learn (ever tried drawing something while only looking in a mirror? Not easy). Not to mention after an 8 hour work day you’re going to get pretty tired of waving your arms around.