An Intro to my Project - Game 3.0

(CYNIC78) #21

I have downloaded exe version of your template it working! :slight_smile:
Love it. I like grab ledge feature! Nice and simple inventory. Even working jetpack! Now we will be waiting full weapons system. Are you planing adding HP maybe stamina systems? To fight some enemies. :slight_smile:
Overral it’s great template. Hope you will continue to add features like crouch and maybe simple dialog system? And of course i hope you will fix my PARTIALISM error whatever it means… :frowning:

(Daedalus_MDW) #22

PARTIALISM error is a normal fallback system that lets you execute the game from a map blend, not just the launcher blend. this way its easier to test maps.

keymap seems to work on my end.

im going to experiment with crouching today. HP is on my todo list, as soon as i figure out death/defeat. second bar is energy, which is similar to stamina. dont hold your breath for AI or fighting, theres still fine tuning to be done to weapons (two handed, main/off hand) and inventory.

this template is the same engine im using to create my own game. thats where the current feature set comes from.

thanks for your feedback!

(CYNIC78) #23

Well when i launch exe-version of your template it’s working like charm - “keymap” and “open” map commands. Don’t even know what i did with my blender that it’s refusing to work with your template. But at least i can test things with exe-version.

Btw are you planing in future to make launcher with some kind UI, i mean buttons to load needed commands?

Can’t wait to test new features - crouch, weapons and inventory!
Good luck to you with your game, is your game made in Star Wars universe? :slight_smile:

(Daedalus_MDW) #24

crouch is a go! scaling capsule physics gets a bit fussy, seems to scale half of what you tell it. while is was at it, i optimized energy recharging. ill update it when i (or my artist) make a half way decent crawling animation.

the launcher was specifically designed to have a ui layer on top of it. im just too lazy to make a ui :blush:

no, my game is set in a unique world. i just like star wars and i needed some weapons to test class structures. i made a jedi starfighter too :smiley:

F12 in game to screenshot: (check the console for path, i just fixed the ugly path)

(CYNIC78) #25

Cool. With grab ledge and proper crouch systems your template will be best TPS template for BGE made without logic bricks. Can’t imagine what it will become with all planned features - weapons (melee and ranged), inventory, vehicles and even aircraft!

Ok. :grinning:

Ineresting, when you think you will release your game? I am pretty sure it will be great.

I am love SW too. Back in time I even used to participate in big Star Wars mod for Men of War game. Made ATST\ATAT walkers and units like stormtroopers, rebels and such things. :slight_smile:

(Daedalus_MDW) #26

my game is incredibly ambitious. i doubt it will make it past concept art. but that just means you guys get an advanced template with all the stuff ive learned. :wink:

after poking around at things i realized the hud needs a total rewrite. should take a day or two and then ill add subtitles, better tutorials, and vehicles showcasing the new hud.

instead of one class controlling the hud, each element will have its own class.

ive heard about that crazy awesome star wars mod. its cool stuff like that that keeps me inspired and makes me want to have the engine be easy to add community content.

(CYNIC78) #27

Sounds amazing. :sunglasses:

(Daedalus_MDW) #28

quick little update:

  • hud code conversion complete, the game runs fully independent of the hud elements. i just need to create layout presets game objects can use.
  • minor optimizations to the missions code to be modular focused.
  • crouching now has pretty smooth transitions. no movement yet, i need to convert the movement code into a function thats easy to resuse (ive been putting that off for months).

(Daedalus_MDW) #29

released a beta for a brand new movement system. this means better physics interactions, more stability, and more accurate friction simulation. the new system should allow ledge grabbing moving surfaces once i upgrade the ledge grab state.

the release has a small bug with the purple character, replacing the or switching lines 314 and 315 should fix it. teleporting(shift-middle mouse) while crouched would cause a jitter to occur.

HUD is almost done, ill throw up a new beta when i get the layouts done. so far the new setup looks very promising.

(CYNIC78) #30

Thank you very much. I’m gonna test it!

(CYNIC78) #31

I’ve tested new update. Though i still cannot lauch template in blender, i just copied updated files into game (exe version) directory and it worked!
It’s wonderfull. Crouch system. is working like charm. You can crawl under cube (one with ledge test) if you press crouch key ©. This is what i wanted! This is best TPS template ever made for BGE. Waiting new update with new HUD. You are great, Deadalus! :slight_smile:

(Camos1011) #32

Whoa!! That’s a lot of stuff. Good job!. I’ll have to check it out

(Daedalus_MDW) #33

i did alot of work on the HUD and its better then i thought it would be. level three has a vehicle now and github should have a working version if you want to try it out (clone/download zip of master branch). or you can wait for the car hud that will be in the next beta. spent all day creating an aircraft hud layout.

let me know your thoughts and crits! i cant refine if i dont know whats wrong. code issues should be posted as github issue, but you can report here if you dont have a github account.

one of these days ill get around to adding more wiki pages to explain the how and why of setting up and adding game objects. hopefully the demo content gives you enough of a start to reverse engineer meanwhile.

ive also been looking into why @CYNIC78 cant run from a normal install. it could be the “!” in your path? i dont know. i threw it on my new linux install and it worked fine… :confused: maybe you could try downloading a fresh zip of blender, then put a “config” folder in the 2.79 folder to run isolated.

(CYNIC78) #34

Ok. I have just reinstalled windows 7 sp1. Downloaded and installed blender 2.79 (previous blender 2.79 I have is portable) without any addons. Unpacked your template into root drive directory (x:\Game_blender…). Still no luck. Just exact same Partialism error. No idea what it can be on my side.
Thank god I can launch template by .exe to test new features. :grinning:

As for suggestions. I would like suggest that when you press S key it should make character run\walk backwards instead run facing camera. This can be usefull in melee fighting. Instead turn back to enemy character should step back facing him. Or maybe it make sense to realize such feature in “fighting” state with weapon in hand.
Other little suggestion is about grab ledge. Is it possible to make character move left\right while hanging or it’s need to much scripting\time for such feature? In any case current grab system is great for me as it is!

Anyway im gonna test your new updates.

(Daedalus_MDW) #35

ive put alot of thought into how the character should respond to keys. i know this: since its a template, you should have an easy way to call styles in a single command. right now its not quite there, however vastly improved recently.

as for defaults/my style, i think it should be the way it is mostly. i have played star wars the old republic and having only backward ‘strafe’ style drives me insane on a whole new level.

but i do agree, having a full strafe style is necessary for ranged weapons, or when using zoom mode (V key). im currently pondering IK solutions required for this.

now, regarding ledge movement. while it should be easy to add simple sliding, its not stable. theres no way for the computer to know if the ledge starts to curve, or if theres a corner. trying to add procedural rules/guesswork would never be able to adapt to all situations.

the solution is to make hardcoded ledges, like how i assume tomb raider achieves this. since my goal is to create an open world, manually adding ledges to everything is just not feasable. ill add support for “ledge objects”, when i go to update the ledge grabber.

thanks for all time you put into testing!

ill create a special debug build to examine globalDict issues.

some more thoughts on strafe:

  • when fighting many enemies, quick control over which way the player faces is paramount.
  • lock on target to active strafe
  • toggle button to switch styles
  • strafe side and backwards move slower?

(Daedalus_MDW) #36

ive been trying to figure out the partialism issue, and i think its because you are launching from the embedded player. you have to launch from standalone.

the embedded player breaks things from what i hear. i even removed that button from the ui in my blender.

ill test this when i get to my pc.

(CYNIC78) #37

Yay. You were right. I used to launch game just by pressin “P” which launched with embedded player and it gave me that frustrating Partialism error. When i launch standalone it working! Thank you for helping me to sort out this problem! :grinning:

Yes i agree to climb left\right while hanging can make lot of difficulties in coding considering angles or any kind of bumps of terrain. So you can leave it as it is, it’s cool enough to have this feature in template. One can make platformer elements with long jumps over abyss to grab ledge (for example moving platform).

It would be nice if you would add one more feature when you have some free time is to add ladders. Nothing special just add climbing up\down state for player near ladder object. Only one thing could be hard is to make character go down from upper stage to lower one. I’ve tried to make my of climb ladder system with Python, but it is still buggy. Character sometimes get stuck on upper part of ladder unable to move. But its cause lack of my Python scripting knowleges. :frowning:

About strafe. I think strafing Boss’s power attacks (strong but slow) would be cool, user can make some cool strafing animations for more effect like character dodging these power attacks and hit enemy Boss in flank of even backstab him - if system tracking player always facing boss. Also it would be helpfull in some situations to make player dodge ranged attacks or some moving objects. As for toggle system. I can suggest maybe go simplier way, instead of switch state by pressing key maybe just make strafe by double clicking A S D keys or maybe using modification key like shift+S? To allow player strafe even with seathed weapon (not in fighting state). But i wouldn’t mind any variant enabling strafe in fighting state would be cool too, it will add little deep in melee combats with bosses. :slight_smile:
And about speed of strafe. I would imaging that strafe should be fast like jump back or side (like dodging enemiy’s attack) but with cooling timer not alowing player to spam strafe.

(Daedalus_MDW) #38

so glad that fixed it!

adding features is awesome and all, but thats not the reason i add them. when adding features, it tests the engines ability to easily adapt to changes.

unfortunately i found some issues, so that means no more features until i get it refined. boring, i know. :weary:

currently the various classes for game objects are scattered in the core scripts. i need to move all the high level classes into something easy to delete or add.

good news though, this means faster updates due to less cherry picking code from my game project to put into the template.

game ver 1.0 had ladders, and ever since v2 ive been missing them.

the mindset i have toward combat is hands-off. combat is a very important, and often unique part of a game. my goal is to create a set of tools to create a wide array of games. even 2d.

with that being said, you make some good points. ill keep your ideas in mind.

if you noticed, later versions of blender breaks the arm animations for weapons. i havent been able to figure out why? is bge just broken? i messed around with layer weight but it didnt help. plays the animations for the arms and has the anim code.

(CYNIC78) #39

Ok, I agree with you that most important thing is not adding buch of fancy features but organizing scripts to make them work stable, fast and easy to manage. In my eye it by itself is whole art of scripting. That’s why it’s difficult to learn scripting language for newbies. Knowing syntax and writing simple code is not that hard, hardest part is organizing your scripts and using advanced features like classes and so on to make your scripts reasonable optimized. And I think it’s most important part of your work, all in all user should be able to add needed features easy by himself. So take your time to reorganize your code it should be perfect! :grinning:

It’s really great that you are sharing your template with communinty. In fact considering your plans it gonna be more that just template in my eyes it’s gonna be kind of game kit with basic game features. Walk, run, jump, crouch(!), grab ledge, fly, drive, interact with objects, inventory\slot system, load\save, keymap. It’s already lot of stuff! I love it.

(Daedalus_MDW) #40

New test release is here!

Lots of big HUD updates and other stability fixes. A good many steps have been taken to further optimize demo content. It should be alot more clear what is high level classes that correspond to actual game objects. id like to create an assets folder in which scripts can be put in with blends. in theory, one could in fact pack python scripts into the blend itself.

theres is still some efficiency issues im trying to work out. currently, all game assets have to be loaded, whether they get used or not. also, each asset blend needs to be manually libloaded in the

my next big project is creating a mission/quest system that allows addon content.