An Intro to my Project - Game 3.0

(Lostscience) #81

i do not like how the chassis of the buggy goes through the terrain as I drive.

(Daedalus_MDW) #82

ive been contemplating solutions, but its a low priority right now. that will come with fine tuning gameplay dynamics, and that wont happen until my game starts to take shape.

right now im focusing on creating a stable and expandable system. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Daedalus_MDW) #83

thanks to @Lostscience, the HUD system got an upgrade! failures should be handled more gracefully.

latest improvements to the attachment system include stability and options for boxes and drop graphics: from left to right, non-uniform scale, normalize, halos.

(Daedalus_MDW) #84

all the big changes committed to master! still not quite feature parity with the old camera.


  • camera needs more features, like state switching (fps, shoulder, etc) and orbiting view in vehicles
  • camera orientations dont save and restore
  • vehicles need mounting/dismounting animation states
  • attachments need children. example: parent weapon controls children for two handed or vehicle weapon arrays.
  • launcher GUI
  • vehicle mouse controls when not orbiting.

(not in that order…)

(CYNIC78) #85

This is long awaited feature! Can’t wait for new updates!

(Daedalus_MDW) #86

more stability fixes into master. i think i need to start updating the demo repo soon.

little video showing how the new camera orbits and transitions. probably need to download since the g drive player is kinda broken.
new camera test.mp4

(Daedalus_MDW) #87

embedded player support improved! the template will load only some basic elements, but no objects are spawned. this allows for easy testing of game elements not game3 associated, like shaders or animations.

also, camera features are fully restored. save load works properly. still need to work on camera state switching.

(Fred/K.S) #88

Mann the lighting just makes me love your scene so much and those cast’d shadows as well you really did something amazing there buddy!


(Daedalus_MDW) #89

Its Official! Powerups are locked and loaded! These not only apply to players, but vehicles, attachments, or any class associated with an advanced class. Powerups that have an “effect over time” are part of the save load, so enhancements wont get lost after switching blends.

  • Lots of bug fixes have been made as well.
  • Early health system WIP with fall height damage.
  • Camera now has its own “CAMERA” property to filter collision.
  • async libloading is now an option, but ive found it conflicts with “Use Framerate”
  • Shoulder camera view added, fps soon.

Github repo now has the latest updates:

(Daedalus_MDW) #90

if you want the earliest and exclusive dev stuff, this is where i post day to day stuff sometimes.



(Daedalus_MDW) #91

Time for the official announcement: Im shutting down this project. I knew it was a long shot when i started.

Due to the questionable state the (up)bge is in and a lack of interest in using the template, i feel my efforts are better spent on personal projects.

I however will continue to update the bge_game3_core github repo since i use it as a backup. The demo may get updated once with the new style.

Pictures, videos and other download links will stay online to the best of my knowledge.

( #92

By personal projects, do you mean that you’ll keep working on UPBGE?

(Daedalus_MDW) #93

the project which i created the template for, yes.

(CYNIC78) #94

Thank you for your work Deadalus. Your template is best for BGE.

(Daedalus_MDW) #95

i added the long awaited fps camera to the player, vehicles should be soon following.

im looking into adding some blends to the core so theres a barebones of assets required to get the template running “out of the box”, possibly reducing the need for a demo.

all the objects required now is:

  • the camera structure
  • a character
  • player physics box
  • some hud objects (if default layouts are used)
  • attachment/ power up boxs and halos (if default values are used)

and an assumed naming convention.

(Daedalus_MDW) #96

@Lostscience and @Fred_K.S have been asking about planetary gravity.

well its here! its still an early prototype, but it appears most functions have been adapted to work with dynamically changing, per object gravity vectors.

that includes ledge grabbing, vehicles, friction sim, etc.

fixed quite a few little bugs and oddities too.

(Daedalus_MDW) #97

Massive release update is finally here! A blend with core objects has been added to supply a working player controller right out of the box.

  • download source and rename folder to “game3”
  • put “game3” in the same place as blend
  • add an empty and add bricks Always(true pulse) -> Module("game3.base.GAME")
  • press play

vehicles and etc can be added easy enough on inactive layer. see CoreAssets.blend for examples on creating game objects.

(Lostscience) #98

I could not get it to is the zip.

new (236.8 KB)

(Daedalus_MDW) #99

this should be game3.base.GAME (delete “s”)

also, the game3 files should be directly in the game3 folder. no subfolders.

(Lostscience) #100

I did what you said but it did not work.i get a error in the is the zip. (253.6 KB)