an introduction and a simple question

So here I am… stalking for a while… but i definitively decided to get into blender…been working in it for a while ,but since then passed many years… i got a job ,and there I work in max n photoshop…
sumtin about me,almost middle aged,but mainly childish… I play games (a lot!),drinking beer ,unfortunately smoking, attending all kinds of concerts I can afford… and well learning blender, as you suspected i am peeking at the game engine… but so far i hadn’t reach level 1,so ill try to keep off noobish questions ,but theres one thing that bothers me and so I decided to speak (write) … is there a option to make blender asks me do I wanna save when I accidentally push X (close) program button… ? below basic question but i forgot to save occasionally,and usually am multitasking a lot… sorry for my grammar and have a nice day…

Nope, you can’t.

Get used to the idea of saving a lot, until it’s second nature. I’ve lost many a good hour trying to recreate items/put stuff back in location when I use blender and didn’t save before closing. Another idea is to save different file names as you progress, ie Orgre01.blend, Orgre02.blend, Orgre03.blend etc. Get this done as your basic and then when you progress, you ought to find things easier. All the best and welcome to posting!

thx,I do increment on saves usually,although I learned that … hard way but,I do :smiley:

…cheers and have a nice day!

Look in the User Preferences for autosave settings, between your manual saves.


You’re wrong guys. When you accidentally press X, go to the tmp folder (it’s usually in “c: mp”). There you’ll find some blends named as numbers and a “quit.blend”. Sort them out by “date modified” and find your latest work(also try “quit.blend”).