An introduction and my first WIP

I’ve been lurking on this site, enjoying everyone’s work for several months and finally decided to post some of my own. This fish is the first that I consider worthy to show to the world.

C&C welcome.

Excellent texturing on the fish. The model is very good too but the mouth looks a little large, is it supposed to be that big?

Also the wood texture looks a bit cheap compared to the fish’s, but I’m sure you know that. :wink:

p.s. I looked at the other pictures on your site and they’re very good as well, you definately know how to texture, where have you been all this time? :slight_smile:

Wow. That is very good. Especially for a first, or one of the first. Just a few things:

The corner of the mouth actually has…corners. It seems a little square. Just round that out a bit.

The wood that it is on looks like plastic. Dirty it up a bit, add imperfections, maybe with a bump or disp map.

The bg could be better, but I guess it is okay now. Save this model and if you ever have a sceen with a room or a mantle, you can always just paste it in to add some detail.

I look forward to seeing more of your work!


I’d say that’s a pretty good way to introduce yourself. Very nice work. Aside from what has already been suggested, I have no crits to add.

By the way, that’s a great Jack Handey quote in your sig. :wink:

Thanks for the positive feedback. I have been somewhat nervous about posting after looking at all of the fabulous works that are displayed here.

This fish took me way longer than it should have. Being my first non-tutorial model, I ended up taking lots of wrong turns and having to redo things many times. Quite a learning process. After spending endless hours trying to perfect the model and texture for the fish I was ready for something different. So I probably only spent 10 minutes on the wood - and it shows!

The fish is a brook trout, modelled from a fishing guide. The area where I had the most difficulty is - you guessed it - the mouth. Maybe this weekend I will try to clean it up a bit.

I intend to use the model later in a room scene, just a Laurifer suggested.

Again, thanks! Its nice to have a group of people to share with.