An Introduction to Fluid Particles in Blender

Hey there! 2.57 is out and so is my new tutorial on SPH Fluid Particles in Blender:

Very usefull, thanks,


thanks. its nice and short. its a good thing that you skipped the modeling because its is very simple. but maybe for people that are still new (not saying that I am) you should upload a starter blend. file

Is there an option to get a water like shape, if u use metaballs?

also one problem. the edga doesnt show up. and the shadows are kind of too sharp. darn the file is too klarge to upload. could you upload a screenshot on the materials for the two planes and the fonts. as well as the lamp(s) and the world settings?

Starter- and finished Blendfile are both offered on the site, right beyond the embedded video!

StieMO: You can use metaballs, will look like this:

There are faithfull coders working on “tesselation” which will bring nice water-like surfaces. It might take a while, though…

oh lol, i watch them on vimeo.