An introduction

Hello everyone,
I’m new to BA, I’m posting this little piece of work to test how this site works and if I respect its spirit.
This camera modeling should take place in my next short film.
Be indulgent ! ; ).

do you have a photo of the real cam to compare it

is it done in EEVEE or cycles ?
did you use an HDRI world map ?

but it is a good start

happy bl

Good morning
Thank you for your appreciation.
I basically used the camera’s instructions which includes cross-section views as well as photos. This has been helpful in respecting the proportions.
The rendering is made with Cycles: 128 samples and Optix denoiser.
There is actually a hdri texture on the world used with light path “is camera ray”.
I didn’t focus on too many details because this object should be used in a secondary element film.