An issue while extruding

Hey guys, I’m right now trying to make a katana blade, and I I’m stuck with a problem that I don’t know how to fix. While extruding there are some parts where only verticals are extruding, help me plz)

How to fix that thing?

This is the expected result when extruding only vertices. Select faces to extrude volumes or edges to extrude planes.

If you zoom verry close, you’ll probaly see a very thin loop kinda like this:

try to only extrude vertices on the border of this loop.

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Well, I don’t know how to do the thing you described, I tried to recreate that thing and extrude once again and that’s what

I just don’t get what you’re talnkin about

Can you upload the blend file for us to have a look at it?

Oh, ok.
But looking at your screenshot, it seems like the selected vertex is connected to the next vertex at the top, but not to the one below or right (no orange line to those two). Try to remove the doubles by pressing Alt + M and choosing By Distance.

still the same

could something fix the problem? I chose 2 vertexies that are extruding

Ok, to make sure that there are no hidden vertices, could you look at the number at the bottom right in blender’s UI where it says “Verts: [number of selected vertices]/[number of all vertices]” and check if that is what you see in your mesh?

In your screenshot above this should be 56 vertices:

I don’t think this operation adds any vertices or detaches existing ones, but I haven’t used it before.

When I’m choosing all the vertixies I see it whos 21/111

But you only need 21, right? Did you remove the doubles before while having all vertices selected? If not, please try that.

Removing doubles as @Cebbi suggested is the way to go here. But first you need to select everything. Don’t use box select, it may miss some when you’re in solid view. Unhide anything that might be hidden (Mesh -> Show/Hide -> Reveal Hidden), select everything with Select -> All, then Vertex -> Merge Vertices -> By Distance.

This problem can occur when you accidentally duplicate or extrude some geometry but leave it in place, and/or when you have some partially hidden geometry.

bandicam 2019-11-07 22-30-47-909.avi (3.9 MB)

That’s what I did, I think I made something wrong because it got worse.

Don’t use box or lasso, they will not select overlapping geometry when you’re in solid view.

If that fails, then we’d really need to look at the file to avoid guesswork. Since you’re allowed post links, you could upload the .blend to PasteAll and post a link to it here.