An objective Blender comparison?

I bet I’m not the only one that has to bear with never-ending speeches about the blessings of 3DMax, Maya, et al, and how open source will never catch up with them, whenever I bring Blender into a discussion of 3d Software. So, it would be very helpful for those cases, and, in general, to really know what kind of tool I’m using and what am I missing, how does Blender stand with the other packages out there. So anyone has any good, objective, comparison of Blender and other propietary applications? I would be very grateful.

This sort of question/discussion has been posted many times on this forum (and on other 3D forums too). Search the forum for these posts and you’ll find all the answers too.

and I’ll even get you started with what nearly all of the arguments said

blender stands up well very to the professional applications, especially for the price, [executable] file size, and number of platforms it runs on.

however, it doesn’t have absolutely every feature of nice thing found in any of the major applications, but it is improving.

I think this is what you’re looking for.

Also the best revenge is success.

Rather than trying to argue how good blender is with words, learn it, make some cool stuff, then tell em to shove that in their pipe and smoke it. :o)